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Home with Sean



We have had some days with rain and bad weather, good to sit home and just relaxing, enjoy husband and kid. How is the weather where you are?



New edition Absolut Vodka - Rock Edition

oktober 13 040k

Cheers - Skl - Egszsgedre!

Sean as Milkboy


oktober 11 004koktober 11 017k
Press to see bigger

Sean just got this cute dress from Grandmother (Farmor) and we just had to make a short movie with him. Here is the result, so cute hihihi

Handy/helpfull babyclothes


16 038k

16 047kszeptember
16 048k

Diana,a friend of mine from London, sentSean this great clothing. An easy on/off sweater/shirt to use when Sean is eating. I love it.Thank You,Dia!

sean cd

16 061kszeptember
16 055k

Sean got this strage but also clever dress from Eve. She lives in China and this is how they do it in China. Pretty easy to find out when it is time to change diapers. As you also can see, Sean is now using the Jeans Diapers that we bought 04. Des 2008.

Sean update :-)


sean koromvagas

Nailcuting is really difficult....only possible when he is sleeping or eating ;) and they grow very fast, I have to cutthem like every third day

julius 341k

Reading already hihi

sean cekla

Eating "Rdbet + Potet Mix" can be messy, I make all his food myself, with no salt or suger ofcourse!

julius 329k

Sean love to drink freshpressed WaterMelon

julius 30 zsofisean 009k

Visiting Zsfi , they have a pool and here they areready for swimming in the pool

julius 30 zsofisean 012k

Theyhad a good time, here is uncle Krisztian with Sean.


Theykids fell asleep right after bathing....Zsfi and Sean are borned with only one day between.

august 005k

Sean with his friend Levi...2 months between them..testing outLevi`s playground :-)


Sean got a lovely"pool" from my parents :)

august 070k


Baby Swimming


julius babauszas 004k

julius babauszas 012k

julius babauszas 023k

Today we started withbaby swimming
Sean liked the "big" water a lot.

julius babauszas 032k

julius babauszas 043k

Sean got so tired from swiming...hefelt a sleep right away after and slept allway home :)

SFP - Sean First Passport


julius 198k1

Sean has his firstpassport.....juhuuuuu!



julius 1 006

Sean is testing his new "toy"

julius 1 012k

....and he loves it!

junius 27 020k

Sean with his friend "Levi"

My babyboy wish you......



junius 078ki

Happy Happy :)

Sean first 3 Months


Here is a short recap ofSean`s first 3 months (Including the very beginning :-)

It was not easy to put music on the video. I just found out that now, WMG and YouTube are in Dispute. So music I added like - Sting, Phil Collins, Chicago etc I had to take away and I had to remake everything several times.

YOUthat care about Sean, I hope you like the video....The video is more than 9 mins long and it includes that Frode is singing :)

Sean in the Hospital


seansickjun2009 027k

We have been at the hospital for one week. (The whole "Pinse" ++) We just came home today.

seansicklatemay2009 078k

Papa and Mama was hanging a lot over this bed.



Sean sickness we really have not gotten any answer to. His eyes was glued together, he had fever, skinrash, no voice, shitting green and did not wanna drink or eat. The only thing we know - somekinda virus. I also got sick during this week, with strong stomack pain and time spend above the bucket. Lucky Frode did not get sick and we are happy for that.


Seannose got often blockedand we had to use this "vaccum" cleaner to suck it out.It was not always a popular event.

seansicklatemay2009 115k

Sean was sleeping a lot. He likes to sleep on Frodes chest!

seansicklatemay2009 113k


Trying out some new clothes. Our little Hero deserved that.

seansicklatemay2009 101k

seansicklatemay2009 168k

Sean is HAPPY that he is going home soon. He was a good boy all the way, crying little and smiling often even when he was not in shape. We are all happy for coming home :-)

seansicklatemay2009 165k

Baby day



Next month we gonna start baby swimming with Sean (and Levi :) Today we went to check out the place! Do you have any experience with baby swimming? Any good tip for me?

baba nap 005k

....after checking out the baby swimming we went to a baby massage class...


Sean really loved the massage!


We have long walks every day and Mini like that part :-)

Sean at the doctor



Waiting for the doctor...


More than 5 kg!

sean az orvosnal 011k

Sean was a HERO today at the doctor....he got an injection and he did not cry at all!

Brothers & Sister



sarah adrian

sarah es adrian

kids 003


Sean Bergis born 12.03.2009 - he is a lucky little guy that have a brother and a sister. His brother is Adrian Kenneth Berg- born 12.01.98 and his sister is Sarah Victoria Berg - born 21.12.94. Sarah is already a young woman

Sean had a photoshoot today


sean fotozas brendon katalogus 033k

sean fotozas brendon katalogus 025k

Sean had a photoshoot today for a catalog called Brendon, autumn/winter 2009 :) Todayhe was crying more than he usually do, so the shoot was not easy....but he was so beautiful!

Mitt profilbilde
Mitt profilbilde

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Fra: Fredrikstad Fdt: 1982 I am a 1982 model from Hungary, Budapest. I was living in Norway( Fredrikstad) for 4 years.. now I have moved back to Budapest with my husband, Frode, and with Mini (Our dog) Update: We have now 2 boys, Sean and Brendon, together :)) I love travelling and take pictures as you can see on my blogg ;) Mer...

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