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Sean safe home


home safe home

Sean safe home in his own bed (press for bigger size)

first night in own bed

Hi, finally I have some time to tell what happen...and it was not all good. In fact..besides that I got blessed with a beautiful son, most ting was like a nightmare.

First let me say...I had a natural birth, and I am little proud of that...most girls I meet at the hospital just came in at a "booked" time and cut out the baby, like it is fashion to schedule in a birth if you know what I mean. I don't feel for being cut up and I wanted to have a natural birth.. and I had that..with no cutting or sewing what so ever.

I was lucky, because it went fast..everything was over in 3 hours...but it was really more painful that I could imagine in advance and I feel really sorry for those who have long births. many told soon as the baby is out, all pain will go away.  -No way is that true-  is my experience to that saying. It was still very much pain after and I had actually a hard time enjoying the little one. I had strong pain and I was a little bit like in "coma"...but I remember I was crying and was overwhelmed with emotions when Sean was lifted up to my chest.

Btw.. Frode was cutting the cord and the doctor was collection the blood from it and sent it to Cyro-Save
Do you have any experience with that? Please share with me!

Anyway, now my problems started...and I am so pissed on all that has happen...I could write a book about it. Instead I choose to just make notes so you don't get to much bored with my story.

* I got an Epidural when I already had a 6 cm opening. I did not ask for an Epidural. Due to this Epidural I got problems.

1. I got extreme pain in my back and especially in my neck after the birth. At some point I could not hold my head up by own power.

2. They gave me lots of painkillers and water through a tube (intravenous) that they said was safe for Sean...but he started to puke out the food. Nor did it help me a lot, I still felt the pain

3. I had millions of doctors coming and take a look at me and they all said different.One say rest, one say move a lot, one say walk around..etc

4. I started to get (and I still have) involuntary movements in my is horrible...and my face and fingers was swollen.

5. My doctor refused to admit that I should never have Epidural and that everything was fine with me and only after I made enough noise they sent me to MRi. But then he only took MRi of my head and lied about info in the papers. (I got panic in the MRi tube and went out to early - he wrote in the papers that I had said NO to a new MRi - but the fact was that he never even asked)

6. A good friend help me to a new hospital (while still registered at the first one), to a brain specialist that wanted to help me find out what was wrong with me. This my doctor found out and the whole board of doctors came to me the same day after I came back from the other hospital. My doctor lied again and said that this new doctor did not wanna help me...but that was not true..he got panic from his first lie..and the main boss doctor said he will send the best doctor to me and check me..and if she says that I need one more MRi..I will get it.

7. This women looked at me and said that I did not need a MRi, she explained that when they took out the Epidural..(what I should NEVER had in the first place)...I lost some brain water??? and this is what gives me this pain and this movements in my face. Now my mouth was like when you go to the dentist and get injection...I could not speak clear. Then she says that this can takes weeks to recover from...and the way to do it is to rest a lot..and drink as much water I manage to put into my body.

8. That day I could go home...Now more, a pain in my butt that has become more and more painful is telling me something is wrong down there as well...and yes..due to that the epidural took away my "feelings" I had pushed so hard during the delivery that I burst a bone. So that was the answer why I could not sit good or in some position not at all.

9. In all this mess, Sean that is born 3 weeks to early slept a lot in the beginning in an incubator. My breast became huge..and hard like stone. And I needed to get milk out. I cant not even remember how many hands that have been trying to help massage me and trying to empty me. And when Sean should was the worst pain ever..I cant believe how painful that is...

10. With help from a good friend I have been seeing a neurolog and I had 3 more MRI`s - but I am still not 100% sure what is wrong with right now I have no other choice to do as and drink a lot.

Frode and my mother have bought all kinds of cream, silicon protection, breast feeding machine etc so that I can cope with giving mother milk. I have found out that lots of women really have a problem with this, but is like tabu, nobody really speak about it.  A good place for Norwegians with breast feeding challenges is to CHECK OUT this page. It has been very little sleeping the last days, but that is a minor challenge :-)

tired boys
Two very tired boys

But matter how much pain I have and had..I would do it all over again for my result. Sean is just so beautiful, I can  look at him for hours and hours - it is like falling in love..there are no other words that can describe this feeling.
I am in Love!!!!!

trying out the carseat
Going Home!!!!

Sean Berg is born :)


mormor og morfar

Sean with my parents; Stolte besteforeldre (Mormor og Morfar)

sean berg

Junior is here, wow, what an amazing feeling that he finally is here!!! He is sooo beautiful. I will tell everything I have experienced later...there are so much to just short;

His name will be Sean Berg. He came fast, I was at the hospital around (time) 19.00 and 21.53 (12.March 2009) he was born...3 weeks to early and he was 3390 gram and 54 cm. I am a Mother!!!! Mamma Mia :-)

Stay tuned for more later!

Last picture as "fat"??


budapest 2009 mars 12

I just tok this picture now, maybe my last with a belly??? Not sure, but yesterday I was in the hospital for a check and then after that I was bleeding a little. Maybe something happend that time? Because I started to get a little pain in the the night and all day I have had pain that come more and more often...

It smells like Junior want to come out and dont have time to wait 3 more weeks.?? I will go to the hospital now for a new check..maybe I not comming back today and the next time I blog will be as a mother???
Maybe it is false alarm, but the D-day is for sure closing in!

Belly Art


marcius 287

pregnant belly 008bk

pregnant belly 018gi


my bally

Baby Art have some stuff that I desided that I wanna have. First out is Baby Art Belly Kit  - next is for sure to make 3D Imprint of junior - so cool memories!!
The video below is a quick intro to Baby Art - cool right :-)

Shopping for Junior


baby bad

We have been in soooo many baby shop lately....many choiches ,cute things for babys, very difficult to choose. I have actually a 2 cm opening now and my stomack is" low" - so I feel that junior might come before termin so little time left now to be ready.  Have a nice weekend!

5 Weeks left


week 35

 Ohh my God! Can my belly become bigger than this ? 0

New Photoshoot - Sexy and Pregnant :-)


Yesterday I had a new PhotoShoot. (At Muhari`s Studio)
This time the theme was Sexy Pregnant Woman. It was so cool :-)
Frode was with me and he took some "backstage pictures" and made a movie!


behind scene 1

behind scene 2



I am in the "Anyák Lapja"



februar2009 014februar2009 016februar2009 017

I am a "Mamma" model hihi - This time in the Februar edition.
I was also in the January edition

Amazing and Horrible Pregnancy Story


Pregnant for 60 Year - since 1948

STUNNED doctors discovered a woman complaining of stomach ache had been carrying her unborn child for 60 YEARS.

Huang Yijun, 92, of Huangjiaotan, southern China, was told by medics in 1948 that her child had died in the womb.

Doctors demanded £100 to remove it, so she walked away.

She said: "It was a huge sum at the time - more than the whole family earned in several years so I did nothing and ignored it.?

60year pregnant

Thinking about me goosebumps all over my body.  It is horrible! She have been living for 60 years with her dead kid inside, every day got reminded about  it.  I can not even imagine what she have been going through...every day...for 60 years!!!

Trying to stay in good shape :)


During my pregnancy I have tried to keep in shape...

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

I tried Pregnant Joga but that was extremly boring (so now I only do Joga at home):)


I have taken my Bicycle upto the my flat and that is what I like best to do right now :-)


I am checking my weight everyday....

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

...and even if I know that I will be heavier all the time and that I often feel like a hippo...I can`t help to be happy that I am following a great curve and that I am not that big...after all...if you know what I mean!?

Week 30 Ultrasound



Yesterday I was at the clinic for Ultrasound. This was the third and the last time I will go there. Everytime they have give me a CD and pictures from the whole session. The coolest stuff is the 3D pictures and the 4D ultrasound part. It is like you can see the person inside very clear. Amazing!

This time I brought my own camera to make a short movie from there!
Take a look at the movie below!


Not my sexiest lingerie...



Not my sexiest lingerie, but it's amazing comfortable :) 

I am really feeling that I am out of normal shape now, like a Hippopotamus.... I can not get on some of my rings, my back hurts a lot, when I eat I often feel full after little there are no room for more. I am so tight!

Wow..did I say that I feel like a Hippo?? And I have like approx. 70 days left before delivering. I am ready now hihihi
Junior is kicking like Pele and it feels like toons of butterflies in my stomach every time he is in action.

So I guess everything is like it is meant to be?!

Barnevogn - Pram


We have been looking at Prams - so many to choooose from! 

LUCKILY (or not??) we dont need to consider the Trippel Stroller that Frode is holding on the picture hihihi. I am soo full in my stomack now, so 2 more in there would just be way to much :)

Anyone want to give us any hint on what is best to look for????

Baby Book


b baby b

When the doctor first time told me what kind of sex my baby would have, the doctor said it was a girl, well at least he was 70% sure. I took that for granted i went to buy a pink baby book and I started to fill in words++ On the next ultrasound we have saw something between the legs I had to go and buy a boy baby book !

b baby book

Now I have started to write my stories , experiences, first kick,  ultrasound pictures my blue book
This time I am 99.9 % that it s a boy...but we never know, right? I heard funny stories before...

--> To you with kids: Did you know if you had a boy or a girl before it was born - or did you choose to wait and see?

Home alone day!



I had a "home SPA " today......No Man in the house......just relaxing and beauty stuff...mmm I love days like this!
I am using a great cream to take care of my skin ...I can really recommend it (Vichy Anti-Stretch Mark Cream)..your skin gonna be so nice !
Not to worry about any pregnancy stretch marks ! 
I have also read that Oliven oil on the body with foil around (for an hour) function very good against pregnancy stretch marks...that I have NOT tried..have you? Any other good tips against strech mark are welcome :)

Making a nice dinner to myself  (and Junior   )
I have always heard that women get crazy cravings about something (some kind of food or candy) during their pregnancy ...Well not me :(   ....I want to have that too hihihih..I would like to look back and was like that :) Jaja..anyway..I am very good with eating vitamins 

Please share with me what you had as a MUST when you was pregnant! 
(Svar gjerne på Norsk)

Baby / Kids Photo


kelley ryden

You just have to look at this woman`s work. She take pictures of  Babies / Kids, she only uses natural light and she take some amazing pictures. Kelley Ryden is her name, she is located in Omaha, NE - USA 

Here is her Homepage and here is her Blog

alecia silva Also take a look at Alecia Silva homepage / blog
Pictures like this are soooooooo great I think - What do you think?

My latest model job :)



ModelJob...with junior hihi

Week 25 - I am getting bigger :)



I am now in week 25 and i am getting big. Hard to come out of bed, go the stairs etc...hihihi and I am only a little more than half  way there. The little one in there is really a kicker, I am pretty sure he will be the next Pele hihhi

YESSSSSS! I am pregnant :))



YESSSSSS! I am pregnant :))
When I first found out, Frode was not in Hungary and it was very difficult to keep that secret inside, but i did.....for 10 days!!!
But it was worth it...I made like a welcome home dinner for him with some presents, that last gift was a huge box, that had a smaller box inside and so on hihihi, after 5 smaller packages inside was a positive pregnancy test....I never forget his face when he found out..I will cherish that moment in my mind forever.

I am not sure how things are done in Norway about pregnancy, how the controls and routines are etc, but I can tell you how it is in Hungary. (Most likely it is pretty much the same right?)
First of all - we choose our own gynaecologist doctor, that will follow me all the way and be there when I give birth. Also next to a doctor I can choose a "szuleszno" (Midwife = Jordmor).  To give birth in Hungary with a chosen doctor and Midwife (what most do ) cost a lot of money.

During the 9 months pregnancy we have to go to Ultrasound every month, we take 4-5 blood test, pee tests, standard health tests like heart, lungs, teeth etc..and the sad part..weight check..and how its going up ahhh. We have this "vedono", a person that fill out a kinda pregnancy book (that I always have to bring when I go to the doctor) and that is checking if everything is f.ex she come home to us to see what kinda condition the child will grow up in. I go to that person every month and she will also give advise later for the new born baby.
We are also told to take pills, vitamin pills the whole way. What kind do you take in Norway? Do you have any experience with  Femibion 400 ??  The reason why I ask is because I have heard some strange stuff regarding the use of that those (I am not using that hihi)

Anyway...I am at the week 23 now.
I have been waiting a long time to write about this..I wanted to be as sure as possible..having in mind what happen one year ago.
I am amazingly happy happy happy !



My baby

Mitt profilbilde
Mitt profilbilde

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Fra: Fredrikstad Født: 1982 I am a 1982 model from Hungary, Budapest. I was living in Norway( Fredrikstad) for 4 years.. now I have moved back to Budapest with my husband, Frode, and with Mini (Our dog) Update: We have now 2 boys, Sean and Brendon, together :)) I love travelling and take pictures as you can see on my blogg ;) Mer...

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