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Brand New! Join this community if you like money :-)


Helt nytt! 100% frivillig og kjempelønnsomt fordi de som ønsker å gjøre noe extra ut av hverdagen.

PS! Gratis å joine i 7 dager, vil du tjene...koster det 250E i engangspris som du får tilbake++ uten å gjøre noe hihi... og tipser du andre, får du lønn for det..hele tiden yuhuu :)


If you are looking for online videos....



FridayTip: Try Gujam if you are looking for videos. It is a video search engine which search for Videos from 20 online video sites such as YouTube, Google Videos, metacafe etc.

Best parking in the house!


park in your flat

How to easy solve the parking problems for people living in the city.
I like this solution. Take a look at the video. From New York

Are we alone?


It was cool when Google Earth came right? Zoom in and out the whole world. Did you know that we actually can do that towards space too?

WorldWide Telescope is a program that will give you access to the same collection of high resolution telescopic space imagery as used by scientific researchers.

Take a look at this video - see how cool it is.

Do you think there are others out there??? Can we one day travel out there..faster than speed of light???
Hva tror du?

Eye Candy




I like to look at HQ pictures, Wallpapers (skrivebordbilder).

Maybe YOU can tip me where to find good wallpapers???
Please tips me in "kommentarer" with links where you find nice wallpapers/backgroundpictures.

I find many of my eye candies at Social Wallpapering 

If you like pictures with waterdrops - look here and here
Another cool little thing I would like to share with you is a picturefinder on the web. This one is not like others:

* First you write the word for the picturetype you wanna find. Ex: Rose

* Then when roses is coming up, you press on the rose you like the most or looking for and the finder will seek more picture similar to the one you chosen. : Doubleclick on a red rose to get more red roses.

Cool right?


Wanna have a cheap "Partywatch"??


PartyWatches - Ny klokke for neste party?

Some new bling bling for your next party?


img7999 img8126img8009 img8180c
img8044 img8127
img8014 img8145
img8148 img8151
img8081 img8161
img8055 img8188
img8070 img8175
img8033 img8191
img8063 img8135
img8018img8165img8028 c

The price is 22 Euro for one. That is INCLUDED delivery with Post.
Buy all 12 and get superdiscount. Pay only 135 Euros for all ex. delivery

Prisen er 199 kroner inkludert levert med post hjem til deg.

SUPERPAKKE PRIS: Velg ALLE (12 stk) for superpakkepris.
Totalt 1200 NOK (KUN 100 kroner stk) eks. frakt
Frakt superpakke er 100 kroner

Contact me on if you wanna purchase.
For other question, use "Kommentarer"

Get a dog, save a life


rehoming dogs

In Budapest there are 3 Norwegian girls with great passion for animals and dogs. They go to school here in order to become veterinary`s. At the same time they have found out that they wanna help replacing dogs that come into the "city pound" in Budapest.  When a dog first come to this "city pound", they will be put to sleep after 14 days if nobody pick up the dog. So these girls have started something they call:

Budadogs project:

"We are rescuing dogs from illatos ut. (the city pound) which are on the euthanasia list, but are also healthy and absolutely adoptable. First we place them in a 14 day quarantine. Following this they go into fostering in Budapest until they are ready to be adopted to Norway."

So people here is a chance to get a friend that for sure will give you many memorable moments. Check out this link to see these girls homepage -- And on THIS link you can see they dogs they have TODAY for Re homing:

The picture above are of the dogs that are available today - (18.oct 2008) Check out the rehominglink often if you dont find your type of dog right away, it is always updates and renewed with dogs.

The girls homepage today is:
Later you will find them on :
They also have a facebookgroup called:  "budadogs" 

It could be cool if you leave me a comments if you decide to get a dog and tell me how it goes.

Online: Free "new" movies



Sometimes it is good to relax with a good movie. So what do you do when you are just to lazy to go to the video shop, when you have only movies that you already have seen like min. 2-3 times in your shelf and you don't wanna wait that time it takes to download a movie from the net??

Yepp then you try The Pirate City . Here you can find like 1000 movies that you can see live and streaming for FREE :-) Some of the movies are not even in Cinema yet.

Ps! If you have a slow line, just start the movie you wanna see, press pause, do something else for a few mins so the streaming get a little head start before you press play!

You can also check out this page: TV Shack

Tomorrow I will watch Babylon A.D - I just love Vin Diesel.
Who is your favourite actor/actress?

Wow, more than 3400 TV-Channels for free


3000 tv channels

Here is a good tip you. Goto to this LINK

You can see more than 3400 TV-channels from all over the world - FOR FREE!
I found TV-channels from both Norway and Hungary. So wherever you are, tune in for free Tv from your country :)

Another GOOD Place for You that like sport is HERE
HERE you can see FREE sportsprogram - try it

If you like NEWS - click HERE or on picture below.



You also find free tv on Zattoo

Mitt profilbilde
Mitt profilbilde

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Fra: Fredrikstad Født: 1982 I am a 1982 model from Hungary, Budapest. I was living in Norway( Fredrikstad) for 4 years.. now I have moved back to Budapest with my husband, Frode, and with Mini (Our dog) Update: We have now 2 boys, Sean and Brendon, together :)) I love travelling and take pictures as you can see on my blogg ;) Mer...

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