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Some of you have asked about Mini since I have blogged little about her lately.
Now, at Summer time she spend a lot of time at my parents... in the garden.

She have her half yearly "hard women days" now :) and I have bought her some panties...haha....she looks really funny with them. (bottom left picture)
When her "time" is over...she will get some more sweets ones (right pic)  0

Mini - our little babygirl


Some asked to see some more pictures about Mini - here she is! There is also a short video of her on You Tube where she plays with a mole!

Mini is an extra mini yorkshire terrier - she is full grown now and she weigh about 1 kilo. Her best friend is a 50-60Kilo Bullmastiff - you can say she`s hanging out with the big guys :-)

Mini at the hairdresser


I just took Mini to a dog hairdresser....
It  cost  only 15 NOK to have pels-nails cut (inc ear cleaning hihihi)
For Full-service that also includes a shower /  shampoo I must pay 60 kroner.
That is something we can call Nice-Price, right ? :-)

Mitt profilbilde
Mitt profilbilde

Kata Wagner-Be®g

Fra: Fredrikstad Født: 1982 I am a 1982 model from Hungary, Budapest. I was living in Norway( Fredrikstad) for 4 years.. now I have moved back to Budapest with my husband, Frode, and with Mini (Our dog) Update: We have now 2 boys, Sean and Brendon, together :)) I love travelling and take pictures as you can see on my blogg ;) Mer...

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