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My Friend:  "Think twice before u talk. Take a look at  yourself! (Maybe you are not so happy in your life!?) Listen to real friends that is honest with you..and when more than one person say the same u should rethink!
Never to late!

I have been living many years abroad....and it' s hard to keep "home" friendship intact when u are away for a long  time.. After a while I understood that some of those "friends" will not be there for me when I come back, and being home again I feel lucky that some good friends I have been able to keep. But what is really the definition of a friend? How do we really know that a person is your friend?? This bring me to something that just happen!

I feel so disappointed in someone who I trusted and that I felt was my friend... maybe it never was friendship??? Horrible feeling to realize that a person is not what you thought. It is hard to describe how that really feels, it feels even worse that to break up with a partner, you can always find a partner, but a friend, a good friend is hard to come by and a good friend you have for life. Not that I am saying that your partner is not a friend as well, "vræææl", you know what I mean hihi

Anyway, no matter what happens, I think it is very important to sit down and talk about whatever problems and challenges that shows up and be 100% honest. When people cant do that, and just scream out in anger instead, it only leads to trouble, misunderstandings and disappointments. "Sometimes" it is good to think before we talk and not say things what we later will be sorry for.

Friendship is a very special thing, fragile at times, easily broken, and not so easy to mend. Like any other kind of love, friendship can be lost within our lives due to neglect or anger or, sometimes, simply circumstances. Losing a friend to the inevitable circumstances of life is a painful memory, but accompanied by good memories and future hope.

Did you ever loose a friend?

Postet av: Nina

Hei, jeg har hatt en litt turbulent oppvekst, og det er når det blåser rundt deg at du finner ut hvem du kan stole på.

Jeg tror det er svært få mennesker som med handen på hjertet kan si de har mange "100% personer" rundt seg -

"i tykt og i tynt" personer er det få av!

lei for at du har mistet en venn!


05.10.2009 | 23:12
Postet av: Liv

Always sad to lost a friend. Hard to find a good one who is always there no matter what.

Have a nice weekend!

09.10.2009 | 12:18
Postet av: Ad

Szia Kata!

Jaj ez olyan rossz lehet,sajnalom,mindig rossz csalodni masokban,folleg ha azt hitted a baratod.

Hivjal barmikor ha beszelni szeretnel!

Egy regi barat

10.10.2009 | 05:52
Postet av: 1 ismeros

Hello Kata!

Az ilyen emberek majd kesobb dobbennek majd ra ,hogy mit az is lehet soha nem jonnek ra .

Nem tudom a torteneted pontosan....viszont velem is tortent egy nagy csalodas ....egy "barattal" bakcsolatosan. Sott nem is csak eggyel. Neha at kell lepni ezeken a dolgokon,mindenkinek vannak hibai,mindeki kovet el hibakat!

11.10.2009 | 10:19

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