What if I was sleeping too....

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szeptember 009 k

I had a really scary experience here the other day. Frode and Sean was sleeping, it was still early in the morning, but the sunhad starting to look in the windows. I felt a smell of burning in the flat, but did not think more about it, thought it was something from the outside. But the smell did not go away and I started to go around in the flat to see if anything was wrong/burning or where this smell could come from. After a while I was sure the smell was from one of the bedroomsand suddenly I saw it...the window was actually about to take fire...and I yelled to Frode. It just took me by surprise and I did not understand right away how this could happen, but Frode saw it right away and took away my mirror.

This was so scary, what if I also was sleeping that morning??? Pretty amazing that the mirror was standing in an angle that made this happen. Yes, the mirror has got a new place :-)

Postet av: Brigitte

OH MY GOD that is SCARY!!! Thank God it turned out ok!!! It's a reminder to be careful with where we put mirrors! xoxoxo

09.09.2009 | 23:40
Postet av:

oh! skummelt! mange skjulte brannfeller!! :0 s bra det gikk bra!!

10.09.2009 | 09:33
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Postet av: evi

This is pretty scary...

12.09.2009 | 04:59

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