Still Summer :-)

Skrevet av Kata Wagner-Be®g


I have not been blogging much lately, it summer and I have been enjoying the good weather with my family and friends - I love summer and just 1 more month and it' s autumn again :(
Sean is almost 5 months now....he is more active, he is eating food already , swimming, smiling all the time!

Soon we will go to Balaton for few days.....I am really looking forward to that!

Enjoy the rest of the summer where ever you are! 
Pst! Today it is very hot here, how is the weather where you are?

Postet av: Adri

Have a nice summer for you and for your family!

30.07.2009 | 20:19
Postet av: erika palacios

Aw,ur lucky! The weather over here is so bad=( Its raining all the time! Big Kiss to you and Baby Sean=)

31.07.2009 | 01:13
Postet av: Bridget

Jaj ne is mond tegnap lesetaltam a Hudson folyohoz tudod menhattan menten van 2folyo tiszta duna feeling-je volt :( rendesen honvagyam lett...annyira mennek kicsit haza balcsi meg minden...tiszta gaaaz :(Kerunk majd sok sok fotot!

31.07.2009 | 15:21
Postet av: Brigitte

I haven't posted a comment in a long time cos about a month ago we got the visa for Spain for my husband and moved!! So now I'm back in Marbella ;) It was very strange to live so long in a country like Morocco.. ;) I'm glad I'm back to sivilisation, hehe;) We're renting a beautiful golf apartment, and I'm sooo incredibly happy!! Now I just need lots of modeling jobs;) so if you know of any photographers coming to the south of Spain DO let me know;) And you have to come yourself too, to do the make-up;)Wishing you and your little family an amazing Summer!!!And thank God here in the south of Spain we are SO lucky to have Summer almost until November!!! ;) But right now it's TOO hot, more than 30!! so have to be in the pool all day long;) My parents only want to come visit when it's not hot, hehe Warm hugs!!! xoxoxox

31.07.2009 | 23:40
Postet av: Mitt New York

hmmmsjekk mittnewyork.blogg.nodaglig upd fra uka!

01.08.2009 | 15:49
Postet av: ALEXXIS

hot hot...så vakker du snuppa:)

04.08.2009 | 18:31
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Thank You Adri!Erika! You should visit us! Kiss to u too!Bridget! Mikor jossz haza?Brigitte! I was missing you! I am happy that u live where u like now! Spain is a great place! This year we can not go to Benidorm as we planned... I am very sad for that..but I hope 1 day maybe I can visit you in Marbella! Modelling is a great job,I loved it too! Have a lot of fun with it! Kisses!

10.08.2009 | 03:56

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