Trash Day

Skrevet av Kata Wagner-Beg

junius 24 013

Oooo My God! Trash everywhere on the streets...once a year...people can put out big things that they wanna old furnitures etc...and people start to put out their stuff one day before the collecting day..and everywhere "other" people goes through see if they find something they need , can fix etc..and they pull everything out, making a big mess.Often some stay there all day "guarding" what they have found, before a partner or something comes and pic it up. Crazy days.

Postet av: Brigitte

Woow, that is SO cool!!! all countries should do this!!! awesome idea really!! but I can imagine it gets messy!! hehe but nothing better than to help others! ;) xoxo

24.06.2009 | 23:46
Postet av: Sarah Berg

Haha, i remember this! Kinda funny :-)

25.06.2009 | 12:47
Postet av: Fitness Bloggen

ROFL !!Very charming :-P

25.06.2009 | 13:24

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