Gulyas Leves (Hungarian Goulash)

Skrevet av Kata Wagner-Be®g


This part I don' t like....

majus 3 046gulyas

We are making the soup the traditional way



majus 3 010se

Sean got soo tired.....It takes more then 3 hours to make the soup..
In Hungary it was mothers day today and my grandmother was with us too. It was 3 generation mothers here today ...
Congratz to us all hihihi and to all you mothers out there!

Postet av: Trine

Så fine bilder! Det så veldig godt ut.

04.05.2009 | 01:04
Postet av:

Hmmmmm.....bizti finom lett!Szurkolok mára,ügyi legyél:-)puszika Csilla

04.05.2009 | 07:19

å dere er så søte!:)det spiste jeg en gang jeg var i ungarn for mange år siden. Home made! mmmmm:)

04.05.2009 | 10:54
Postet av: Anita Nemeth

Så fine bilder :-). Har smakt den suppen jeg og før :-)

04.05.2009 | 16:21
Postet av: Brigitte

Aaah, soooo cosy pictures, Kata!!!!! family time is sooooo nice!!! onions are always bad to me too;) aaaaH;) hate it! heheLooks like you're having a wonderful time!! And your grandmother too, 3 mom's generation!!:) Happy mother's day to you!!! :-) Not yet for me. haha;) Big Hug:) XO

04.05.2009 | 16:38
Postet av: Diana

Szia Kata!Nagyon jol nez ki a leves. Parom egyik kedvence a gulyas leves. :-)Sean nagyon edes. Latom mindenki szuper jol erezte magat. puszik,

05.05.2009 | 11:04
Postet av: Therese Marie

Hvor har du fått den rosa toppen fra?

05.05.2009 | 16:46
Postet av: Miss Evi

Oh the great gulyas :-) You have to teach me how to make it, such a shame I don't know. I was thinking of you on Sunday how is your first Mother's Day...I guess it felt great! Love the picture with your grandma, they are so cute together with Sean....Miss you a lot! Love: Evi

05.05.2009 | 18:31
Postet av: Ivy

yummy i love gulash!!! =))))

05.05.2009 | 23:34
Postet av: Neste kapittel

You got a star from me in my blog. Hope it's ok that I link to your blog! :)

06.05.2009 | 14:05
Postet av: Brigitte

Kata, do you still have your Iphone?? My husband's so tempted to get one cos they finally have a good price here in Morocco. How much did you pay for yours? And how did you like it, is it really as awesome and unique as everyone says?? BIG HUG!:) XO

07.05.2009 | 05:47
Postet av: Glaucia

Happy Mother's day to you, to your Mom and grandma :0)!!! God bless you always!!!! In Brasil It will be next sunday and actually I don't know when It will be here in Holland ... Ups ... need to check It :))) That soap looks delicious and different of you I love the smell of onion and garlic :)))

07.05.2009 | 13:30
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Szia Csilla!Nem tollem fugg :) Egyebkent minden jol ment...remelem mukodik is...ha erted mire gondolok Diana!Frodenak is az egyik kedvenc levese! Megkedvelte am a magyar izeket ;)Therese Marie !I was a dancer for Lene Alexandra...travelling around for a show called "My boobs are ok".... the top is from there. You can see a better picture here: I have more on the blog, just look around. Btw it was possible to it order before....I don`t know now.Miss You too Evi! We can make a Gulyas party when You are back home!Brigitte!Thank You Brigitte! I like to spend time with my family...was hard time without them when i was living in Norway. Don't you miss your family?I like my Iphone! I have the older version, a friend bought it for me in USA...was 500$ that time (more than 1 year ago) 16 Gb. I can download a lot's of stuff from the net to the has a good camera and you will love the menu once you get to know it. Can be a little difficult to write for people with thick fingers hihihi, the screen is pretty sensitive :) Let me know if he decides to buy it :)Glaucia!Thx honey! Strange that it's not the same time for Mother's day all over the world..Have you moved to Holland permanently? I don`t see you often on MSN :( , do you have skype? I am happy you are visiting my blog...I wish I could follow you too! Why don`t you start a blog so I and your family in Brazil can follow you :)

07.05.2009 | 16:08
Postet av: Brigitte

Kata, thanx for your fast answer!:) Believe me, I miss my family in Norway A LOT!!!! hehe but hopefully soon my husband and me might live half year Norway & half year south of Spain. Going a bit back & forth. hehe;) Family is like Everything to me, so I HAVE to see them more often!! I have promised myself, heeh;) Before I didn't care that much, but now it just become more & more important!Thanx for the info on Iphone! he's gonna buy that 16 Gb one. He's just looking now if he gonna buy from USA like you did, or wait a little bit more to see if it comes here to Morocco. Cos it's starting to come a few already, illegally of course;) But they are SO popular. Like one of the most popular mobiles at the moment I think.I am SO sick of staying here in Morocco now, cos I'm staying in a little village and I can't even go out on the street here since they are not used to tourists! :( I want to go back to Spain NOW!!!! hehe Hope the visa doesn't take much longer!!!! aaaaah! soooo impatient!!BIG HUG TO YOU!!! :-) XO

07.05.2009 | 21:25

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