My life has changed a lot.

Skrevet av Kata Wagner-Beg


My life has changed a lot... I can not eat a lot of things these delicious strawberries..Sean get stomach pain from this.... sooo boring :-(


I love walking with high heels..I have not really been walking with that for more than 6 months, and now it feels so strange :-)


Now my life is like be a lot comfortable clothes...entertain, feed and take care of my boys! I love it!

Postet av: Julie Kristine

Ingenting takke for :-) Jeg er fast leser av bloggen din, s da m det jo bare addes, hehe. S fint at du har det bra, du har en nydelig baby ogs! Flott at bloggen din er p engelsk :-)Hugs

18.04.2009 | 23:43
Postet av: Brigitte

Wooow Kata, you look absolutely stunning!!!! I must admit that you make my choice quite easy of having a child one day;) Thank U!! BUT hoping I am as lucky as you of course to get back to normal, hehe!My life has changed SO much too, but I think that's cos I'm getting older and wiser. Turning 30 in December, woho;) crazy!! My body and looks feel like I'm only 20, but inside I feel so much mature and it feels more than great!!!!:) I LOVE being at home with my two small pomeranians who I consider my babies and my amazing husband!! And to cuddle up with them watching TV etc.!! The best feeling!!! The crazy days are over, hehe;) But I still do work as a model and will probably always do, dont mind doing ads for creams for old people, haha;) So I'll always be a bit crazy anyways;) LoLBut you can eat strawberries when you're done with breastfeeding Sean, right?!? But that might be until maybe a year so must be hard! BUT remember there's ALWAYS something good you can eat!! Just that we always seem to want what we cant have, right;) hehe HUGE HUG 2 U!!! XO XO :-)

19.04.2009 | 03:41
Postet av: Brigitte

Ah, one more thing, you have a closet for only your shoes, you lucky girl!!! totally cool!! want that too, hehe! is your apartment big then?! ;)

19.04.2009 | 03:43
Postet av:

Fantasztikusan nzel ki,(mint mindig) s a bbi nagyon des!!! Mikor tallkozunk? Puszillak! Gia :*

19.04.2009 | 09:37
Postet av: Marita Alise^^

Aw:D Han er helt nydelig da:) Du kler og vre mamma:)

19.04.2009 | 11:35
Postet av: jj

You look so good:-)

19.04.2009 | 23:26
Postet av:

Katm!J volt Veletek szombaton.jvő hten j lenne jra talizni.sta+megstjk a sajtos pogikat:-) nem felejtettem m el:-)pCSilla

20.04.2009 | 13:27
Postet av: Eve

Szia Babukam, Istenien nezel ki :-) Itthon vagyok (marmint Ningbo-ban) es uszok a hazimunkaban :-( Megbetegedtem most kezdek jobban lenni, amugy meg blog rovidzarlatom van, nem tudom, hogy mirol irjak :-) Remelem majd megjon az ihlet. Matol mar be lesz kapcsolva a skype-om, remelem hamarosan tudunk beszelni. Millio puszika az egesz csaladnak.

21.04.2009 | 08:11
Postet av: Bitte

Hi,I like your blog a lot. I have linked to your blog from mine, HotBlog.noHope you will link back :)Hugs, Bitte :)

22.04.2009 | 01:07
URL: http://www.HOTBLOG.NO
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Hei jeykz Takk for at folger med meg og Sean..det setter jeg pris pHello Brigitte!Thank you for your nice words ;)I still want 4 baby's, no matter what happened...It's a wonderful feeling to be a Mom!!! so i just must survive to not eat all i want - later can eat it again :)Our flat is not that big, but yes I need and have a closet just for shoes hihihi. I want to buy a friend for Mini and I am thinking about Chihuahua or Pomeranian...I love them :)Just want to wait a little Sean is a bit older.XOSzia Gia!Jovoheten? Pont valamelyik nap nezegettem a kepeket amikor Norvegiaban voltal!!! De joooo voltttt!! Hivlak a hetvegen!!Szia Csilla!!Varom azokat a sajtos pogikat...mmmm fincsi lesz! Szia Babam!Vegre! :) Gyogyulj meg....majd megproballak elkapni a skypon,van mit meselned!

22.04.2009 | 19:02
Postet av: Nikoletta

Nagyon csini vagy es gynyuru a kis Sean!! alig varom hogy talizjunk :)) PUSZI!

22.04.2009 | 19:52
Postet av: Brigitte

Woow Kata, 4 babies!!!! I'm impressed!;) Weell, my mom had 4. I definately dont want more than 2! hehe;)Of course in a period of time you have to be a bit stricter with what you eat, it's normal. But a few small naughty tastes are always ok;) so you dont suffer too much or explode and eat too much after anyway, hehe;) It's important to never push oneself too hard! Never get far doing that. At least in my own experience;)Aah Perfect to get a friend for Mini when Sean is a bit bigger!! I have two pomeranians and it's great, cos they do entertain eachother SO much!! Of course they still need a lot human love;) but I prefer having 2 so that they have company! Hmm, if you should buy a pom or a chihuahua. Weell, poms are the cutest, BUT they have a looot of hair, lol. And I've heard that chihuahuas are a bit agressive. I love my poms to death and would never have another race! Maybe you should get another yorkshire like Mini;) Then they can have babies later on too;) hehe Think about that. You will be such a busy 'house mom' then hehe;) BIG HUG!!!!! :-) XO

22.04.2009 | 23:23
Postet av: Stine

Du har ftt en super st liten gutt! En snn nsker jeg meg ogs! Nyt tiden, de vokser jo s fort..Klemmer fra en misunnelig en =)

23.04.2009 | 21:32
Postet av: Hege E.Hoel

Koselig hre, jeg fant ut at jeg skulle sprre om f add deg=) For jeg har fulgt med bloggen din mye de siste mnd'ene, var gy se hva som skjedde under svangerskapet og slik. Dere har en kjempe st gutt^^, Tusen takk=)Klem fra Hege=)

23.04.2009 | 22:37
Postet av: hege tverdalen

Pen :-D

28.04.2009 | 00:05

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