Planet Earth - did you know?

Skrevet av Kata Wagner-Beg

Frode love to watch science fictions movies, not always my first choice! But it sometimes makes me wonder about our existence...Did you actually know how tiny tiny earth is...take a look at the video...makes you feel that the earth is a little fragile right? can read in today`s VG that a sunstorm can wipe out Europe..and with a result that millions can die. We are really helpless and small when we take one step back and look at Planet Earth.


Starting with this picture, we look not so bad, but click to look at the pictures as we keep comparing ourself to other planets.


Now the BIG Q - What do you think? Are we alone? Do you think there are other living things out there?

Next - do you fear something bad can happend, like a sunstorm or like a meteor hitting us and make doomsday?

Postet av: Olav Vikingsson

Tror ikke dette er siden for ta opp astrofysikk.Men greit med et alibi da

27.03.2009 | 13:05
Postet av: E.K

Unfortunantly the strength of Homo-Sapien sapien has already seen its glory walk by... We are wether you like to admit the undeniable logisism to your self and the realization that there is no longer a place for our species in the future as reticent only for the strongest. We Are Already living on borrowed time. as we are an extinct organic species.WHY?1. The evlolution that gave a chance to enbrighten the existence of our species wich despite the multiple scientific theories and discoveriers wich the algoritm of the first Sapiens birth variates from 400.000 years B.P to 980.000. B.P does not change the fact that for AT LEAST 400.000 years we have been failing, over and over again.A: Homo Sapien Sapien (modern Man) as longside our predecessor we where born with superior ability to evolvement and adaptation to fit our enviroments and the changes that might occur: Man Kind, in our greed and love for having as much as possible for the least possible amount given in exchange, the path for changing the enviroment to adapt us seemed to be much shorter than the struggle of constant adjustment. We where wrong. Adjustment & adaptation Generates the least amount of threat to our brothers in llife that aldready have settled in theese enviroments. Therefor also grants an ability to produce an amount of resillience to equal to the achievements of each individual organism = Living aloingside in an adaptation such as explained is called a symbiose / An Alliance wich if broken takes all parts doiwn with it. (A little superfishionized in definition mabye, but i dont know how else to explain this)2. Man Kind in difference from our closest ancesteroal beeing "Homo Erectus" is divided in 6 factions as each factuion in its natuire beholds unique ability and powers. No supprise tho as. We also failed at this point as not even after 396.000 years (minimum) we have not sucsessfully united the Homo Sapien Sapien race, tho.. we managed to wipe out one faction.3. If there was an event one week from now, where 1 Homo Sapien Sapien would have been given a Choise as wichever the choise was it would bring great amount of responsibility.A: To Discover a power that would bring World order and make you the Empror within the next winterfall, also the knowledge that would in history of our species name you to the greatest Leader of H.S.Sapien and rule in greatness untoll the days of the empire is over by the discovery a greater power. (such as New World power, Solarstorn, or by invation)Well.. if you really would need more arguments that clearly supports my theory of destiny .. i mean.. go buy a history book.=)

27.03.2009 | 14:22

Det er overraskende hvor sm vi er, og hvor liten vr planet er, sammenlignet med alt annet rundt om i verdensrommet. Det skal litt til at vres planet er den eneste som har levende vesener, nr det finnes s utrolig mange andre solsystemer. Synes dette er veldig spennende, men ogs litt skummelt hehe :)

27.03.2009 | 16:23
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

E.KI am just pointing out that I really feel that earth is so small and "helpless" - That HS is living on overtime has in my opinion nothing to do with it...nor the fact that HS is not united has anything to do with the size on our planet?But anyway, thx for commenting :-)Kata

27.03.2009 | 17:10
Postet av: Brigitte

I think this is really scary, don't like to talk about it ;-)Even though I am a christian, these things still freaks me out.... about heaven and hell etc.... aaaah;) better to not think too much about it, or it will drive you craaazy!;)

27.03.2009 | 18:02

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