Sean safe home

Skrevet av Kata Wagner-Be®g

home safe home

Sean safe home in his own bed (press for bigger size)

first night in own bed

Hi, finally I have some time to tell what happen...and it was not all good. In fact..besides that I got blessed with a beautiful son, most ting was like a nightmare.

First let me say...I had a natural birth, and I am little proud of that...most girls I meet at the hospital just came in at a "booked" time and cut out the baby, like it is fashion to schedule in a birth if you know what I mean. I don't feel for being cut up and I wanted to have a natural birth.. and I had that..with no cutting or sewing what so ever.

I was lucky, because it went fast..everything was over in 3 hours...but it was really more painful that I could imagine in advance and I feel really sorry for those who have long births. many told soon as the baby is out, all pain will go away.  -No way is that true-  is my experience to that saying. It was still very much pain after and I had actually a hard time enjoying the little one. I had strong pain and I was a little bit like in "coma"...but I remember I was crying and was overwhelmed with emotions when Sean was lifted up to my chest.

Btw.. Frode was cutting the cord and the doctor was collection the blood from it and sent it to Cyro-Save
Do you have any experience with that? Please share with me!

Anyway, now my problems started...and I am so pissed on all that has happen...I could write a book about it. Instead I choose to just make notes so you don't get to much bored with my story.

* I got an Epidural when I already had a 6 cm opening. I did not ask for an Epidural. Due to this Epidural I got problems.

1. I got extreme pain in my back and especially in my neck after the birth. At some point I could not hold my head up by own power.

2. They gave me lots of painkillers and water through a tube (intravenous) that they said was safe for Sean...but he started to puke out the food. Nor did it help me a lot, I still felt the pain

3. I had millions of doctors coming and take a look at me and they all said different.One say rest, one say move a lot, one say walk around..etc

4. I started to get (and I still have) involuntary movements in my is horrible...and my face and fingers was swollen.

5. My doctor refused to admit that I should never have Epidural and that everything was fine with me and only after I made enough noise they sent me to MRi. But then he only took MRi of my head and lied about info in the papers. (I got panic in the MRi tube and went out to early - he wrote in the papers that I had said NO to a new MRi - but the fact was that he never even asked)

6. A good friend help me to a new hospital (while still registered at the first one), to a brain specialist that wanted to help me find out what was wrong with me. This my doctor found out and the whole board of doctors came to me the same day after I came back from the other hospital. My doctor lied again and said that this new doctor did not wanna help me...but that was not true..he got panic from his first lie..and the main boss doctor said he will send the best doctor to me and check me..and if she says that I need one more MRi..I will get it.

7. This women looked at me and said that I did not need a MRi, she explained that when they took out the Epidural..(what I should NEVER had in the first place)...I lost some brain water??? and this is what gives me this pain and this movements in my face. Now my mouth was like when you go to the dentist and get injection...I could not speak clear. Then she says that this can takes weeks to recover from...and the way to do it is to rest a lot..and drink as much water I manage to put into my body.

8. That day I could go home...Now more, a pain in my butt that has become more and more painful is telling me something is wrong down there as well...and yes..due to that the epidural took away my "feelings" I had pushed so hard during the delivery that I burst a bone. So that was the answer why I could not sit good or in some position not at all.

9. In all this mess, Sean that is born 3 weeks to early slept a lot in the beginning in an incubator. My breast became huge..and hard like stone. And I needed to get milk out. I cant not even remember how many hands that have been trying to help massage me and trying to empty me. And when Sean should was the worst pain ever..I cant believe how painful that is...

10. With help from a good friend I have been seeing a neurolog and I had 3 more MRI`s - but I am still not 100% sure what is wrong with right now I have no other choice to do as and drink a lot.

Frode and my mother have bought all kinds of cream, silicon protection, breast feeding machine etc so that I can cope with giving mother milk. I have found out that lots of women really have a problem with this, but is like tabu, nobody really speak about it.  A good place for Norwegians with breast feeding challenges is to CHECK OUT this page. It has been very little sleeping the last days, but that is a minor challenge :-)

tired boys
Two very tired boys

But matter how much pain I have and had..I would do it all over again for my result. Sean is just so beautiful, I can  look at him for hours and hours - it is like falling in love..there are no other words that can describe this feeling.
I am in Love!!!!!

trying out the carseat
Going Home!!!!

Postet av: Tina

Oi, oi.. Litt av en opplevelse du har hatt da! :/ Trist ĺ hřre at ting ikke gĺr sĺnn man vil, og at det finnes sĺ mange inkompetente leger rundt omkring som sitter der pĺ sin hřye hest og nekter ĺ ta skylden for noe som helst. Ĺrh, kjenner jeg blir sinna pĺ vegne av deg. Men sĺ utrolig skjřnn Sean er, og kjekt at han er frisk og fin. :o)Hĺper du blir bedre snart. Og det der med ammingen er ikke bare bare, nei. Det tok 7 uker fřr Benjami skjřnte at han skulle suge AV puppen, ikke bare smatte pĺ den. :PMasse lykke til i tiden som kommer!Klem :o)

21.03.2009 | 01:29
Postet av: VictoriaDesirée

Sĺ kjedelig ĺ hřre at det gikk sĺ galt. Men, som du sier, resultatet ble veldig bra da! Dere har fĺtt en utrolig nydelig sřnn! Gratulerer sĺ mye:) Synes du er veldig sterk. Lykke til videre!

21.03.2009 | 01:56
Postet av: Marita^^

Oi, stakkar deg! Det hřrtes virkelig ikke godt ut. Hĺper du blir bra snart da:) God bedring. Og Sean er kjempe sřt, nydelig gutt! Gratulerer kjempe masse:)Og lykke til videre:)

21.03.2009 | 10:03
Postet av: Artica

Gratulerer med en nydelig gutt

21.03.2009 | 10:30
Postet av: Linda Kristine

Hei skjřnne jenta :-)Řnsker fřrst og fremst ĺ gratulere deg sĺ mye med din nyfřdte sřnn. Han er sĺ nydelig!!!Hĺper alt er bra med dere og den lille. Ogsĺ var det leit ĺ hřre at du fikk sĺ mye problemer underveis. Hĺper du kommer deg fort til hektene :-)Varme klemmer og tanker sendes i din retning,Linda Kristine Solbakken.

21.03.2009 | 10:51
Postet av: Emilie

Utrolig sřt gutt da :)

21.03.2009 | 11:28
Postet av: Sussi

Sv: Tusen takk sřte du... :) Uff! Det var litt av en fřdselshistorie. Sĺ kjedelig ĺ hřre at det ble sĺ mye tull og komplikanskjoner for deg. Hĺper alt gĺr bra med deg og at du blir frisk snart! STOR KLEM tilbake!!!

21.03.2009 | 14:13
Postet av: Meg

Uff, det var ikke kjekt! Haaper du kommer deg kjapt og faar nyte tiden sammen med lille gutten din :-)Hvilket sykehus var det du var paa?

21.03.2009 | 16:51
Postet av: Brigitte

OH MY GOD, Kata, I got goosebumps ALL over and tears in my eyes, I feel SOOOO sorry for you!!!!!!!!!!!! It must have been SOOOO tough!! do you think it would've been better in a Norwegian hospital? So maybe next time you will go to Norway then!But Sean looks amazing and I can understand that it takes away a bit of the pain!I can't wait to see a smiling picture of you!!God bless you and your family!!!! Lots of love!!!!REST!!!! And make Frode do most of the job, OK ;-)

21.03.2009 | 17:08
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Til meg:Jeg har vćrt innom 3 sykehus St.Istvan, Országos Idegsebészeti Tudományos Intézet og Flór Ferenc Kórház

21.03.2009 | 17:43
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

BirgitteMany thx for you concern, maybe thing would have been better in Norway..and if it will be a next time I will for sure deliver in Norway.The superfunny that Frode did damage himself yesterday..on training...he stepped over major and his foot looked like a balloon..and he was at xray yesterday..he funny says that he has been in 4 hospitals in 4 days.He need to rest too and can not use his leg for 6 weeks.My mother is here to help..lets hope nothing more happens now hihihih

21.03.2009 | 17:50
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Takk for hilsner og varme tanker

21.03.2009 | 17:52
Postet av: Ida Kornelia

Sĺ vakker a:)

21.03.2009 | 19:23
Postet av: Therese

Hei Sřta:)Det var kjedelig ĺ hřre at det gikk sĺnn da:/ Det du forklarer hřres veldig likt ut noe jeg fikk med forbindelse med Spinal punktajsen jeg fikk (de stikker helt likt men lengre inn enn Epudural) Det hřres nesten ut som de har stukket for langt inn, nĺr jeg kom til fřden sĺ sa jeg at jeg ikke villa ha Epudural fordi jeg visste hva som kunne skje hvis de stakk den for langt inn:( Da fĺr man helt sinsykt vondt i hode, jeg klarte ikke ĺ stĺ eller holde meg oppĺ, jeg ble kjempe dĺrlig og ble senge liggende i nesten 2 uker:/ Helt grusomt! og der lĺ jeg med Eline i magen i tilegg:/ Usj..Uansett da, sĺ er lille gutten din kjempe sřt:):) Han er SĹĹ liten da:):) Kjempe herlig assa:)Den dressen der hadde jeg til Eline ogsĺ;)Og det bilsete:D Kos deg masse snuppa:D:D Klem Therese og Eline:)

21.03.2009 | 19:52
Postet av: Brigitte

Oh nooooo Frode too!!! Thank God for your mother, right;)I hope you will be SOON better!!! Just take things slow, that's all you can do! And just by looking at Sean you will feel in heaven at the same time as the pain;)You didn't deserve this, but then again, no one does!I'll pray you'll be a lot better soon!!! Warm Hugs :-)

22.03.2009 | 02:42
Postet av: meg

Hei igjen, tusen takk for svar. Bor i Budapest sammen med mannen min, og vil bare forsikre meg om naar tiden for barn kommer at jeg vet hvor jeg skal henvende meg. Kjenner mange her som har foedt paa Telki sykehus og har hatt svaert gode erfaringer, saa jeg var litt nysgjerrig paa om det var der du var. Her er en link : , for neste gang, i tilfelle du ikke har blitt avskrekket, og roemmer til Norge heller ( Har selv alltid det i bakhodet! ) :-) Haaper du koser deg med lille Sean og at du blir helt frisk igjen snart!

22.03.2009 | 11:31
Postet av: Miss Evi

Finally I hear something from you...I feel so sorry about the whole thing happened with you. Hope you feel better and we have a chance to talk soon! Sean is so gorgeous...OMG!Sending you love darling!

22.03.2009 | 13:25
Postet av: Nikoletta

Ur isten Kata, Frode is!!!? remelem gyorsan javultok mindanyian akor... majd hivjal ha lesz idöd ok. Olvastam a storyt, nincs szavam!Nezek most jegyeket julius eleljere, jo lenne neked? otthon leszel? de persze a nagyinal fogok lakni.Puszi addigis!

22.03.2009 | 20:52
Postet av: katie

omg!!!! con grats hun!! he is as beautiful as his mother!!:)

22.03.2009 | 23:43
Postet av: Katrine Henanger

omg! now i read it all. that sounds horrible! hope you will get better soon!

22.03.2009 | 23:56
Postet av: Diana

I'm so sorry to hear that Kata. Hope you're feeling better now. Sean is so gorgeous. Enjoy your time with your son and look after yourself. Thanks God you've got your Mum there to help you. Get well Frode soon too. You're so lucky Kata, you've got a wonderful family. Big hugs.

23.03.2009 | 10:59
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Thx so much for your support and warm words girls, I am feeling better now, and Frode too. Love makes wounds heal faster right :)Hug Kata

23.03.2009 | 11:25
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Szia Evi ! Jo volt tegnap beszelni vegre egy kicsit! Sajnalom ,h nem vagy itt :( Mire jossz Sean mar 3 honapos lesz....huu addigra mar biztos konyebben mennek majd a dolgok.Egyebkent,naprol napra mar jobban vagyok :)Szia Nikol!Hat meg a Frode is...."rank jar a rud"Nyar nagy reszet itthon toltjuk az tutti, majd Szeptember elejen megyunk 3 hetre Benidormba...jujjj azt mar nagyon varom! :) Talaltal idopontot mikor jossz? Majd megyunk nagy setakra Seannal :)

24.03.2009 | 13:54
Postet av: Gro Anita

Ĺ herregud sĺ forferdelig.... Jeg er helt sjokkert over at du har fĺtt sĺ dĺrlig behandling...Jeg fikk ogsĺ utrolig dĺrlig behandling da jeg skulle ha Oscar, men denne behandlingen du har fĺtt tar kaka...Jeg hĺper du blir helt frisk igjen, og kommer deg gjennom dette...Mange varme god bedrings tanker og klemmer...

24.03.2009 | 15:11
Postet av: Alexandra

Szia Kata! Még egyszer gratulálok, olvasva, hogy min kellett keresztülmenned. :( Ami a szoptatást illeti, nálunk is nagyon fájdalmas volt nekem, úgyhogy 3 hét szoptatás után azt csináltam, hogy lefejtem a tejet, és cumisüvegből adtam Ákosnak. 9 hónapos koráig kapott anyatejet, szóval emiatt nem lett hamarabb vége az anyatejes időszaknak, de a mellszívóval nem fájt úgy, mint ahogy Ákos harapott. Mindenesetre arra nagyon kell figyelni, hogy milyen cumisüveget választasz (mi csak Avent-eset használtunk). Ja, és még egy (kéretlen) tanács: a patikában tudsz venni Clarasept kézmosót, ami fertőtlenítős, de nem teszi tönkre a kezed. Nekünk így sikerült "megúszni" egy influenzajárványt. :)

26.03.2009 | 20:46
Postet av: Ida Marie


27.03.2009 | 17:53
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Alexandra!Koszonom a tanacsokat...hat nem egyszeru dolgok ezek.Seannak van 3 fele cumisuvege, es igen,mi is az Avents-osat szeretjuk a legjobban. Viszont sokkal hoszabb ideig kell bofiztetni, ha cumisuvegbol eszik :( A gepi leszivas nekem is bevalt,es fele annyira se faj, mint amikor Sean csocsalja :)Akos most mennyi idos?

28.03.2009 | 10:40
Postet av:

Szia Kata! Ákos már két éves múlt decemberben. :) A büfiztetésnél mi cselesek voltunk: vettünk a gyógyszertárban Infacol-t, amiből minden evés előtt adtunk neki, és megszűnt a hasfájása, és könnyebben jöttek ki a buborékok, szóval a büfiztetés sem tartott olyan sokáig. Itt találod a leírását: cumisüvegre azért is kell figyelni, mert a fogai állását befolyásolhatja. :)Ha tudok bármiben tippet adni, szólj. :) Mikor lesznek új képek? :)

06.04.2009 | 11:52
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Szia Alexandra!Most lattam csak,h irtal :(Koszi ujra a jotanacsokat :)En nem lathatlak titeket valhol? Iwiw? Facebook?...?Pont most volt a vedono nallunk...szelcsovet ajanlott...nam jol hangzik,ti probaltatok? es ez az orszivo-porszivo is eleg drasztikusan hangzik....?Kellemes Husvetot!

10.04.2009 | 12:42
Postet av: tina

Hei:)Du er ikke alene om ammevondt! Jeg fikk baby 14. mars og det brenner ennĺ i det ene brystet nĺr jeg skal amme:( Cluet er ĺ finne riktig "tak" for babyen, har fĺtt det til pĺ ene brystet men ikke andre.. ennĺ:)Jeg lĺ i 26 timer i fřdsel, sĺ akutt keisersnitt.. sĺ det kunne vćrt vćrre;)Lykke til!

13.04.2009 | 15:26
Postet av: Ida-Kristin

Han var bare adorable!

03.05.2009 | 23:52

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