Cooking and surfing :)

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I like to cook, but it has not always been like that...Now I like to try making new things and to make Frode,  friends and family happy with good food :-) Today I made one easy and very good potato soup.
I have also been to hospital for checking today and status is the same as for one week ago :-)
I get fast tired now, to stand up or walk in stairs is hard stuff ....I try to rest as much as I can, but it s not easy to sit still. I also have extremely backpain so I am really ready to deliver now!!!


Mini and me are finally surfing again...after a few days without internet...

The story behind is that I wanted to have a faster internetconnetion and then I found out that I could get a twice as fast net, cheaper than what I already was paying...from the same provider that I had.

Of course I call the internetprovider and tell them what I want. As answer I get that I am already a customer so I can`t not get the price down...what???  No, only new customer could get that. Oki..I can understand that, but when I then find out that this is not like a short offer or a one time offer, but the regular offer new customers get...I really get pissed.
This is the thx for being a customer for years, that when the price is going down, only new customers that come in can get it. So there is ONLY one thing to do - say goodbye to a company with that attitude.

So I go to a new provider, that gives me twice the speed and saves me 15% on the bill -  of course the old provider manage to turn of my connection before the new one is in place - and poor me is sitting in "webdarkness" for days :)

Is it like that in Norway too? That companies dont care old customers and treat them differently? Like they chase new customers and forget the old ones?

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Szia.hétvégén hívlak!pihizz sokat,h láthassalak:-)))pCsilla

12.03.2009 | 16:22
Postet av: Brigitte

They do the EXACT same thing in Spain, the give the F*** about old customers, and put SUPER offers for new ones! I have been sooooo pissed, believe me!!BUT in Spain there is like one main company, Telefonica, and it's like you just have to be with them to be safe even if they are more expensive. the cheaper ones are always something wrong. SAAAD!!yeah and one time I had to be without net for over a month cos of the same thing happened to me as with you!! I was desperate!!! sittin in my car stealin net. haha. guess if I felt sorry for myself!!

12.03.2009 | 20:35

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