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My friend Bridget, who lives in Tokyo - Japan, is back in Budapest for a few weeks! We have lots of catching up to do!

"Long time, no see" - Tundi - Bela and Bridget
Bela (Bridget brother) with his girlfriend Tundi. Tundi is the cooolest DJ
Check out her home page!   0

Postet av: Miss Evi

Juhuhuuuuuuu! I miss you and Bridget too. Hope at least she's gonna make the baby time, if I can't :-( Sending you kisses girls, miss you...

02.03.2009 | 01:48
Postet av:

That was cool, a toppless DJ, that would be perfect for my friends bachelor party.

02.03.2009 | 10:40
Postet av: Brigitte

I bet you can't wait until you can breathe normally with your stomach, right?! hehemust feel so strange with a pregnant belly... is it very uncomfortable?!? Lotsa love!!

02.03.2009 | 21:05
Postet av:

wooow, that dj girl is sooo cool!!! you should join her Kata;-)and she's the girlfriend of one of your bestfriend's brother!! awesome!!

02.03.2009 | 22:36
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Hi Birgitte - I am looking forward to breathe easier yes ;) but it is s nice and good experience. Why do you think I should join the DJ? Hug!

02.03.2009 | 22:59
Postet av: Bridget

Yes I'm here in Hungary...and it feels good ;-)I mss U 2 Evi...I hope I'll make the baby time ;-P but I'm not sure :-/

02.03.2009 | 23:35
Postet av: Birgitte

Definately think it must be a nice experience to be pregnant, but OH SO scary at the same time ;) but I'm glad you don't have difficulties breathing! though to me it looks! of!I think you should join the dj girl simply cos you're ultra sexxy, Kata, and you should get out there and be seen!!! ;)though maybe you wanna become a silent housewife and mother now, hehe;) don't think you're that type. you're always up for some fun it seems, and never boring!! ;-) xo xo

03.03.2009 | 22:31

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