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fotozas anyaklapja

Yesterday I did a new PhotoShoot for Anyák Lapja - since I already have started with pregnancy photoshoots, I have desided to just go for it all the way :) There will be more to come....Cool memory to have for later

minitoothbrush 0191

I also bought some thoothpaste and brushes for Mini yesterday... It was the smallest I found, but hahaha Mini is Mini and there was no chance to get those things into her mouth. I guess I just have to keep it and one day get a second dog that fit the stuff hihihi - just kidding - I think that Jedi, my parents dog will be the lucky owner of this dentalcare in the future.


Postet av: THS

omg, we have the same dog, and we use the same toothbrush. I love my little terrier, and your little one is cute!!!

08.01.2009 | 23:18
Postet av: ALEXXIS

go hælg te dæ søta:)

09.01.2009 | 15:03
Postet av: Kathrine Pehrsson Offisiell blogg

thanks, you too :)Kiss`n hugs,Kath

09.01.2009 | 18:11
Postet av:

Når har du termin??? KJEMPEFLOTT Som gravid du ass!!=)

09.01.2009 | 18:13
Postet av: Triinii

den over var fra mg;)

09.01.2009 | 18:14
Postet av: Miss Eve

How are just a click away from my blog! Love it!

09.01.2009 | 18:31
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Triinii - jeg har en nedtellingsklokke under min profil :)THS - I looked at your blog, but I did not find your dog, please blogg it - cool that we have same

09.01.2009 | 22:32

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