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What is actually LOL? Many people often uses this and thereare many more short words like that we need to understand more and more often. I am sure that many just smile, pretending they know what it means... Like the first time somebody wrote to me ROFL? ROFL?? Hmm Did the person mean Rolf? What about Rolf? hihi Or when a person wrote to me URAS? Is he saying I am an ass???

Well I found out later that ROFL means Rolling On The Floor Laughing and that URAS means You are a star

In fact these words are called Abbreviations and there are many 1000s of them, check most of them HERE

Have you ever been in a sitation where u have NO clue what it means?

I have a english friend that sometimes write for me...I have seriously problem understanding what he every second or third word is a shortend word! Is this how the english will be in the future?

Here you have a short list of some Abbreviations:

LMAOLaugh My Ass Off
LMFAOLaughing My Fucking Ass Off
LOOLLaughing Outragously Out Loud
LOLLaugh Out Loud
LOLALaugh Out Loud Again
ALOLActually Laughing Out Loud
ALAPAs Late As Possible
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
AMAPAs Many As Possible
ASLAge, Sex, Location?
AKAAlso Known As
BFFBest Friends Forever
FFFriends Forever
BRBBe Right Back
CWYLChat with you later
FYIFor Your Information
G2GGot to Go
GGGood Game
GLGood luck
IMInstant messaging
IMOIn My Opinion
IMSI Am Sorry
KISSKeep It Simple, Stupid
KMAKiss my ass
N1Nice One
NCNo comment
NPno problem
OMFGOh my fucking God
OMGOh My God
PMPersonal Message
ROFLRolling On The Floor Laughing
ROFLCOPTERRoll On Floor Laughing Copter (It's funny and it flies)
ROFLMAORolling on the floor laughing my ass off
ROFLOLRoll On Floor Lauging Out Loud
ROTFLRolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAORoll On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROTFLOLRolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
SETESmiling Ear to Ear
THXThank You
THX40Thanks For Nothing
TTYLTalk To You Later
URWYou are welcome
WGAFFWho gives a flying fuck
WTFWhat The Fuck
WTHWhat The Hell

Find all Abbreviation here:

Direct link to Internet chat abbreviations (More than 3000)

Postet av: Trine

Hi this post made me SETE. IMO URAS.

06.01.2009 | 11:59
Postet av: Victoria Julie


06.01.2009 | 21:26

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