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Ilike to look at HQ pictures, Wallpapers (skrivebordbilder).

Maybe YOU can tip me where to find good wallpapers???
Please tips me in "kommentarer" with links where you find nice wallpapers/backgroundpictures.

I find many ofmy eye candies at Social Wallpapering

If you like pictures with waterdrops - look here and here
Another cool little thing I would like to share with you is a picturefinder on the web. This one is not like others:

* First you write the word for the picturetype you wanna find. Ex: Rose

* Then when roses is coming up, you press on the rose you like the most or looking for and the finder will seek more picture similar to the one you chosen. : Doubleclick on a red rose to get more red roses.

Cool right?


Postet av: FOX

Herlige bilder/wallpapers :D

23.12.2008 | 16:45
URL: http://fox.blogg.no
Postet av: Marita

Her er det feks mange fine - http://wallpaperstock.net/Digger wallpapers selv.

26.12.2008 | 20:33
URL: http://maritajohansen.com/blogg

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