9 things I like to do at home in Wintertimes!

Skrevet av Kata Wagner-Beg

Lots of snow in Norway now - anyway from parts I know. With winter at our doors, how can wehave some fun without stepping out into the cold streets? ..

I will share withU what I like to do in the comfort of my own home in winter!

1. Watch Funny Romantic Movies


There are many good movies, so aRomantic Movie Nightis great to have when is blowing cold outside. I have listed 30 greatRomantic movies here!

2. Looking through my Old Pictures


I like to start with my baby pictures (I have copied them all from my mother :),pictures from school, my first love, the guy I kissedfirst and so on. Some of the pictures are so funny and some of them are like..what..did I went around looking like that? You will be surprised at how much time this might take and how actually fun this experience is.
Luckily I like taking pictures too, so I have lots to look at!
Here You can see some of my nice memory pictures!

3. Treat myself to a Home Bath Spa


If i am alone at home or if feel for some peace and privacy,i like treating myself a Home Bath Spa. As pregnantI can not do everything as before....butanyway Ifeel like a Goddess afterwards.
The picture above is from my Romantic trip to Austria last year..that was COOL too :-)) That you can see here, here and here

4. Make a Romantic Dinner (Together)

romntic dinner

What can be a greater way to spend a winter night at home, than having a nice home-prepared romantic dinner with my love? LatelyI learned to like cooking...so I even have fun with that.
The picture above is from our fantastic trip to the Maldives, the dinners we had there beat everything!

Here are pictures from our amazing tripto the Maldives

5. Spending time front of my Pc


I spend a lot of time infront of the computer. So many thingsare happening in that box. I have friends all over the world and the best way to keep in contact is through my computer. I get all my news and updates through internet. That part of my life has changed fast, not so many years ago I did not even have a computer or blogg/homepage/communities. It feels much better to spend time infront of the computer in cold winter times than hot summer days :)

6. Read a good book

reading book

When everything is boring, it really cold and windy outside, it feels really good to just crawl up in a corner with blankets and hot tea / chocolate and read a good book. I am not doing that often enough :(

7. Practicing make up


I am practicing makeup often asI can..I like best to do it on friends...but when the weather is to "shitty" it is just me infront of the mirror. So cool to just try out some crazy mix.

8. Talking on the Phone

mini profil2

Yehhh... love talking on the phone, but I dont like the phone bills..who does? So I call clever, like with skype or from home phone to home phone. So relaxing and just lie down, looking in the roof or just close the eyes, and hear King Winter mess up outside while talking with my girlfriends about the summeretc :-)

9. Playing a game.


It is always fun to play games. There are 3 games that I often play and like the most right now: Those are Perudo, Gin Rummy and Jenga

If you first start playing one of those games, the hours just runs away.

Your Idea for the cold winter days at home?

Please do share your ideas with me for a fun winter day at home !

Postet av: June Helen Helb

Ja brukte sebastian nr jeg gikk p frisr skolen , var veldig fornyd med det..:)

21.01.2009 | 15:52
URL: http://tasteofjune.blogg.no
Postet av: ALEXXIS

s fint bilde av d:)

no ha linka d:) bedre sent en aldri..hihi

nska en fin kveil te d:)

21.01.2009 | 23:51
URL: http://alexxis.blogg.no

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