YESSSSSS! I am pregnant :))

Skrevet av Kata Wagner-Beg


YESSSSSS! I am pregnant :))
When I first found out, Frode was not in Hungary and it was very difficult to keep that secret inside, but i did.....for 10 days!!!
But it was worth it...I made like a welcome home dinner for him with some presents, that last gift was a huge box, that had a smaller box inside and so on hihihi, after 5 smaller packages inside was a positive pregnancy test....I never forget his face when he found out..I will cherish that moment in my mind forever.

I am not sure how things are done in Norway about pregnancy, how the controls and routines are etc, but I can tell you how it is in Hungary. (Most likely it is pretty much the same right?)

First of all - we choose our own gynaecologist doctor, that will follow me all the way and be there when I give birth. Also next to a doctor I can choose a "szuleszno" (Midwife = Jordmor).To give birth in Hungary with a chosen doctor and Midwife(what most do ) cost a lot of money.

During the 9 months pregnancy we have to go to Ultrasound every month, we take 4-5 blood test, pee tests, standard health tests like heart, lungs, teeth etc..and the sad part..weight check..and how its going up ahhh. We have this "vedono", a person that fill out a kinda pregnancy book (that I always have to bring when I go to the doctor) and that is checking if everything is f.ex she come home to us to see what kinda condition the child will grow up in. I go to that person every month and she will also give advise later for the new born baby.

We are also told to take pills, vitamin pills the whole way. What kind do you take in Norway?Do youhave any experience with Femibion 400??The reason why I ask is because I have heard some strange stuff regarding the use of that those (I am not using that hihi)

Anyway...I am at the week 23 now.
I have been waiting a long time to write about this..I wanted to be as sure as possible..having in mind what happen one year ago.
I am amazingly happy happy happy !



My baby

Postet av: Madelen Frank

Gratulerer s masse:-) Du har en flott tid i vente:-))

01.12.2008 | 19:41
Postet av: Miriam

Gratulerer s mye!!! :) :) :)

01.12.2008 | 20:23
Postet av: Camilla Marie

Congrats! You look lovely:)

01.12.2008 | 20:54
Postet av: fixmeta

gratulerer s meget

01.12.2008 | 21:05
Postet av: Krisztian

Szpen kerekedik a poci! :)

01.12.2008 | 21:09
Postet av:

gratulerer masse:)

01.12.2008 | 21:09
Postet av: Anette Sienna

Gratulerer :D

01.12.2008 | 23:47
Postet av: Julia

Gratulerer s masse!! Kjempeglad p deres vegne :-)

02.12.2008 | 00:06
Postet av: Bridget

Jovok minden nap es lesem mikor teszed mar vegre yuhuuuuu!!!

02.12.2008 | 04:52
Postet av: Miss Evi

Juhuhuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Puszi a kismamanak es a pocaklakonak is :-)

02.12.2008 | 05:08
Postet av: Nadia Ritz

Hi! Yes it is an iPhone.Here's what you do. Go to, sign up and order whatever skin you would like :) It costs like 59 kr = 6-7 EuroCongrats with the the baby :)xx Nadia

02.12.2008 | 10:06
Postet av: Tove Lill

Congratulations!You look fantastic:)Do you know if its a boy or girl?

02.12.2008 | 10:46
Postet av:

Gratulerer :DD

02.12.2008 | 14:09
Postet av: VictoriaDesire

Gratulerer!! S koselig=) Du kledde vre gravid, du ser kjempebra ut!

02.12.2008 | 14:18
Postet av: Grattis!


02.12.2008 | 19:07
Postet av: Boy or Girl?

Gratulerer en masse!

03.12.2008 | 00:53
Postet av:

Gratulerer KataMvh Onkel Glenn

03.12.2008 | 00:54
Postet av: Christine Lvendahl

heyhey. jeg har linket til deg p min side. lurte p om du kunne vre st og linke til meg og?

www.christinelovendahl.coms hjelper vi hverandre :) Klem

03.12.2008 | 04:00
Postet av: Christine

aaaaww... thanx love :)

enjoy your pregnant days! shine!!! :)

03.12.2008 | 05:24
Postet av: Anette-Marie Antonsen

IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GIRL!!!!do you know if its a girl or a boy??

oh, lucky lucky girl :)

03.12.2008 | 11:14
Postet av: Miss Dior Cherie

h, gratulerer s mye ! :)

03.12.2008 | 14:13
Postet av:

gratullok!!!!!!!!! gia

03.12.2008 | 15:40
Postet av: Helene Rask

Gratulerer baby :-)Wow, thats a beautyfull thing. Take good care of yourself & the baby, you deserve it.Hope to see you one day.Big hug from cold Norway

03.12.2008 | 16:29
Postet av: leif sorensen

hey . congrats with the baby . hope everythings is okey and good luck .hope to see you back in Fredrikstad

soon .

03.12.2008 | 16:55
Postet av: Camilla og Geir-Ove

Gratulerer s massse til dere begge...Stooooor klem fra Camilla og Geir-Ove her oppe i Sarpsborg.:-)

03.12.2008 | 17:54
Postet av: Harald Jose Haraldsen

Wow, cool! What will u call this Viking?HJ

03.12.2008 | 21:02
Postet av:

Woow, your stomach is big now!!! I am SO truly happy for you!! Will pray that it will go well for you this time!!The most Beautiful pregnant ever!!!! :-) Warm hugs :-)

03.12.2008 | 22:44
Postet av: Christina B

Wow! S vakker gravid du er, og i uke 23 allerede!! :-)Skjnner det er mye mer informasjon og bedre oppflging for gravide der du bor enn her i Norge... Koooos deg masse med magen :-) Vet du om det blir gutt eller jente?

04.12.2008 | 10:58
Postet av: Rud Andersen

Hello Kata - Congratulations with your biggest happiness ever.. Take care - Make Frode younger with yours baby to come...NanoLaban

04.12.2008 | 15:51
Postet av:

Gratulerer med baby, fortell meg hva det blir ?

04.12.2008 | 20:17
Postet av: Katie

Con grats hun!!!!! oh, i'm so happy for you:) i hope you will have wonderful christmas this year:)

04.12.2008 | 22:31
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

HiThx for all your congratulations! It will be a boy and I am so exited :)-Hello Azsia ( Brigitta , Evi ) ! :)Koszonom nektek is! Hianyoztok!!!-Szia Krisz!Gombolyodik, ugye? Nagybacsi leszel, mit szolsz? :)-Szia Gia!Kosoznom! Remelem jol vagy?

04.12.2008 | 22:35
Postet av: inepusen

jaaaa!!! :D:D:D endelig :D jeg har ventet s lenge p dette, har alltid tenkt p deg og det du har vrt igjenom, du fortjente ikke det som skjedde derfor blir jeg s lykkelig n!! :D:D Gratulerer s mye! <3

05.12.2008 | 00:27
Postet av: :)

wow!! thats amazing, kata.. im so happy for you :) :)

05.12.2008 | 02:57
Postet av: Glaucia from Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

Linda!!!Congratulations :o)) wowww!!! Sometimes i read your blogg and was very happy about the news :)) For sure you will be a great Mom! And the litle boy will be cutie like you :)Kisses, beijos!!!!

05.12.2008 | 03:23
Postet av: Camilla Fors

Gratulerer s mye skjnne deg.Hper det gr bra denne gangen, det fortjener du.Lykke til, med klemmer fra Oslo :-)

05.12.2008 | 20:14
Postet av: Linn Elisabeth

s koselig vakre!!! <3Gratulerer s mye :DJeg kan love deg du har maaaange vakre yeblikk i vente, babyskatter er det skjnneste som finnes *smelt*Stooor kos til bde deg og lillegull i magen (,"(",)

06.12.2008 | 07:50
Postet av: Mamasan-Papasan

Nagyon varjuk az elso unokat !M-P Millllio puszi

07.12.2008 | 09:42
Postet av: ilana Pinker

ELSKER skoene du har p deg her! :)

07.12.2008 | 10:44
Postet av: ALEXXIS

gratis s masse;)

09.12.2008 | 11:30
Postet av: Oliver and Amanda

Heii, Girl!! congratulate!!Its very good news :)I have a baby girl Amanda and I'm very happy daddy :) I think you will be a very good mummy :)Kiss from Estonia

11.12.2008 | 23:41
Postet av: linda tollefsjord

congratulate=)i have a cid self ,and its the best feelig ever to be a mum=)happy for u;)hug<3

14.12.2008 | 15:10
Postet av: stina

du ligner p mariah carey. x'D

02.01.2009 | 23:06

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