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make up

I have been doing this blog for a long time now, I like doing it and I like to follow many other blog's as well.
Today I will do something I should have done in the very beginning of this blog.....tell a little about myself.

I love doing MakeUp....both on myself and on others and this is what I would like to do in the future as well..being a MakeUp Artist. I have learned  many things already and I would like to learn it "all"  hihihihi


I have tried many kind of sports in my "younger" days..and I like best dancing and ballett. I did ballett pretty serious for 5 years, but I never got to be a real Ballerina..(dam...that is hard and those girls have a hard life)

I then did "Hip-Hop" and I travelled around with a group (mainly in Hungary). At that time I also was teaching kids dancing.

I did my school finish as a Travel Guide ...but I have never worked as one

I met with Frode and later I moved to Norway. In Norway I tried some modelling and dancing.. I was working for Lene Alexandra and the time in Norway was a nice time... but I missed home and after 4 years in Norway I was back in Budapest.

Back in Hungary I went to aerobic school to learn to be a aerobic teacher/personal trainer....but I didn't like it, so I start looking for something else ...and MakeUp came into my mind.
I have always been interested in make up... as most girls i think....I always liked when people did make up on me, because then i could learn from them. Then again...some of the times I got a make up I didnt feel good with and I felt that I could do it better

...Like a year ago I started to learn (private)  from a make up Master in Hungary and I have learned a lot from her.

I think that every person who is working in this business have their own style doing the make my plan is to learn from different figure out my own style.

I have a lot of work infront of me and I gonna do it. :)


My  first  business cards.... I am very happy for them.....people start to asking for my number and i can not write on a paper right?  Maybe my next step will be a MakeUp homepage :)

Postet av: Nikoletta

Oh I wish u all the best and good luck with the make up artist-jobs ;) I know u gonna be one of the best!! Love from your cous!

19.11.2008 | 00:57
Postet av: VictoriaDesirée

Synes du er flink jeg! Stå på!! Du kommer helt sikkert til å bli en kjempeflink Makeup Artist=)

19.11.2008 | 19:55
Postet av: Miss Evi

You go girl!!!!

20.11.2008 | 11:53
Postet av: Linn Elisabeth

Lekre visittkort!! =)Keep shining babygirl =)Stor klem fra Linn

20.11.2008 | 15:49
Postet av:

Are you and Frode still together?

21.11.2008 | 22:52
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Thank You for encouraging words..maybe one day i do makeup on you hihihiYes I am still with my husband!

22.11.2008 | 11:07

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Mitt profilbilde

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