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rehoming dogs

In Budapest there are 3 Norwegian girls withgreat passion for animals and dogs. They go to schoolhere in order to become veterinary`s.At the same time they have found out that they wanna help replacing dogs that come into the "city pound" in Budapest. When a dog first come to this "city pound", they will be put to sleep after 14 days if nobody pick up the dog. So these girls have started something they call:

Budadogs project:

"We are rescuing dogs from illatos ut. (the city pound) which are on the euthanasia list, but are also healthy and absolutely adoptable. First we place them in a 14 day quarantine. Following this they go into fostering in Budapest until they are ready to be adopted to Norway."

So people here is a chance to get afriend that for sure will give you manymemorable moments. Check out this link to see these girls homepage -- And on THIS link you can see they dogs they have TODAYfor Re homing:

The pictureabove are of the dogs that are available today - (18.oct 2008) Check out the rehominglink often if you dont find your type of dog right away, it is always updates and renewed with dogs.

The girls homepage today is:
Later you will find them on :
They also have a facebookgroup called: "budadogs"

It could be cool if you leave me a comments if you decide to get a dog and tell me how it goes.

Postet av: Linn Elisabeth

S bra initativ da!! =)Ha en god natt & en fortsatt god helg snupps!

19.10.2008 | 00:09

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