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Sometimes it is good to relax with a good movie. So what do you do when you are just to lazy to go to the video shop, when you have only movies that you already have seen like min. 2-3 times in your shelf and you don't wanna wait that time it takes to download a movie from the net??

Yepp then you try The Pirate City. Here you can find like 1000 movies that you can see live and streaming for FREE :-) Some of the movies are not even in Cinema yet.

Ps! If you have a slow line, just start the movie you wanna see, press pause, do something else for a few mins so the streaming get a little head start before you press play!

You can also check out this page: TV Shack

Tomorrow I will watch Babylon A.D - I just love Vin Diesel.
Who is your favourite actor/actress?

Postet av: Andreas N

Cool page. One person I like to see on screen is Jessica Alba.

15.10.2008 | 13:20
Postet av: Bridget

Bar nyaralunk de itt vgyok es figyellek am 8-)Udvozletem az L.A.-bol ;-)

17.10.2008 | 06:31
Postet av:

COOL!!! But it's not really totally FREE though, it's like 2 dollars pr. month, right?!?! just want to see if I understood correct. Is this page from Hungary?Lotsa hugs!!!! you're awesome!!!!

19.10.2008 | 17:52
Postet av: Kata Wagner-Berg

Hi, as far as I understand this page is free, I just click on the movie I wanna see and it comes up - no cost at all. I think this page is swedish. Who are you, you have a homepage/blog?

19.10.2008 | 21:59
Postet av:

Hi, that was WEIRD, cos when I go there they say you have to pay, it's super cheap, but still, it's so much stress to be a member everywhere! hmmm.. aaarhg, I wish I knew how you do it!!!!I tried to add you on Facebook a while ago, but you never added me... I'm a blonde girl from Norway who think you're beautiful!!

20.10.2008 | 02:04
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Yes that is wierd! I just tired again and no problem to watch for free. Have you tried to give the link to somebody else and checked if the same happens with them?I am never in my Facebook, I dont like it that much. Thx for your nice word, why dont you make a blog here for free and add me :)

20.10.2008 | 02:57
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Hmmm, now I think what you do different from me. When I choose a movie I just click on the movie I wanna see and I wait until it is start streaming -> to see it live.If you press on "Download Movie" on the right side you will come to a page where you need to register and yes Pay like 1-2 dollar a month. But you dont need to do that in order to see them live.If the movie dont start, press refresh after like 15 sec and see if it starts. When it start it might go a little slow on the streaming, so then you just press "Pause" so the streaming get a headstart before you press play.Did it work for you now?

20.10.2008 | 03:09
Postet av:

Aah, I see, yeah, Facebook is kinda stress.Thank you so much for the info I will see if it works now, OK!You're SO sweet!!!

20.10.2008 | 19:46
Postet av:

You are SO smart, Kata!!! hehe ;) It's working now! I think when you click directly on the movie that is when you get to see it FREE live. But if you click on download you like buy the movie!So perfect then. Thanx a bunch!! gonna watch loadsa movies now thanx to U. yeaaaaaaaH!I personally like Cameron Diaz a lot. She's great in movies!! And Brittany Murphy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller, Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson and Sean William Scott 'Stifler' from the American Pie movies, he is soooo funny!! hehe

20.10.2008 | 20:30
Postet av: Kata Wagner-Berg

Great that it is working :) Many of those actors you mentioned I also like. Have fun watching!

21.10.2008 | 22:55

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