Welcome to Budapest

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I have been asked some times "what to do in Budapest"..."can you recommend something" and so on. Well...
This might come a little late as the summer is almost over...so I will post it now and REpost it next spring :-)

Welcome to Budapest (Summertime)


Budapest is a big city with 2 mill people. Many people visit Budapest because of its many thermal springs and wells. Budapest is actually the world's only metropolis, where there are more than 130 thermal springs and wells.

If you go to Gellert Bath or Szechenyi Bath you most likely to find what you are looking for in a thermal bath.

If you are looking for places to stay in Budapest...there is 100s of hotels to choose from. Depending on what you are looking for in Budapest will then of course count in for where you choose to stay. 
If you press this LINK you will get a list on more than 200 hotels in Budapest


If you wanna go party - I would recommend Ramada Plaza Hotel (former Corinthia Aquincum Hotel Budapest) on Budaside. That hotel has Spa and fitness centre (The only 5 star hotel in Budapest with thermal bath) and it is in walking distance (5 mins) from Budapest best party place (Hajogyari sziget)

Welcome to the Hilton Budapest hotel in the heart of the Castle district budhitwhiltonbudapestgalleryrestaurante

If you wanna have a good view I can recommend Hilton Budapest hotel, in the Castle district (Budaside), where you see directly down to the Donau and the city.

budwehihiltonbudapestwestendgallerywelcome budwehihiltonbudapestwestendgallerymeetingsr

If you wanna go shopping, make your stay at Hilton Westend. It is on the Pest side and it is very central with short distance to most things... My first choice :-) West End City Center is the 2nd biggest shopping center in Hungary with more than 400 shops and you basically living in it without feeling the crowd.

For more shopping you should definitely visit City Arena Plaza. It is brand new and it is the biggest shopping center in Hungary as well as the biggest in eastern/central Europe (in Size)

asia senterasia

If you wanna buy extremely cheap, go visit Asia Senter in Ujpest. That is a huge center with mostly China products, ...if you like copies of Armani, Nike, D&G, and so on cheap go there.

Anyway - all these places are BIG and you should calculate at least half day as a minimum pr. center if you wanna check it out good. If you don't have time for all (They are open on Sundays as well), make West End your 1st choice (That is the one I like best )

PST!! If you wanna shop to Budapest highest prices you just go where most tourist goes..to Váci Utca...hihihihi



When it comes to good places to eat... hmm what can I say when there is more than 1000 restaurants and cafés in Budapest...But here comes a few suggestions :-)

In Budapest you can find one of Europes finest and most exquisite restaurants...It is called Gundel Etterem. You should not miss out that... The prices are higher than most places, but still pleasant for a Norwegian.
As late as in 2006 Gundel was awarded by the Restaurant Magazine: "One of the 50 best restaurants of the world"

You should also visit Spoon. That is a docked boat (picture above) with a nice view over Donau and Buda side. Great location, good food and entertainment.

I love sushi and wok and if you also do the same... you must visit Wasabi   

Other places to try out are:
The Dio , Búsuló Juhász ,  Arany Kaviár ,  Restaurant Alabárdos  ,  Haxen Király , Margitkert  (Famous Gypsy Restuaurant)   

When Frode and me are in mood for Fish and Chips we like to go to Romai...
Next to Donau on Budaside there is a long promenade where there are many small plain restaurants. Forget service and luxus. You order your food at the counter, you sit on wood benches and they yell out when the food is ready.

Here we like to order: Sult Hekk (A type of fried fish) with chips. It tastes GREAT and a meal for 2 persons inc what you drink will not cost more than around 10 Euro.

You can also eat good and cheap in f.ex West End Shopping Center. They have a huge selections of ready food.

Hopefully this would help you some on the way to choose a place to eat...and do forget to try Goulash soup :-)


bed beach

There are lots of good places in Budapest.  My favourite place is Bed Beach and Dokk Beach with several others that you find on Hajogyari sziget. It is basically an island with discoteks. I have blogged about those places earlier.

dokk beach

On this same Island you also find a HUGE disco called STUDIO, but they close down every summer..when Bed Beach etc opens and visa versa... Studio is also must if you f.ex come here in Springtime.
Below you see little from Studio.

Another cool place is Rio. It is mostly outdoors. A short movie from that is below here:


Another good place is Mammut Shopping Center on Budaside. (Also a good shopping place) where you can find 3 - 4 party places inside. One of them is Jam Pub

If you like Blues, Soul and Jazz you should visit Fat Mo's (This is like a bar/restaurant/music place rolled into one)

I can guarantee that you will come to places with full of life and fun if you choose some of these places.
A note from Frode to you boys.... "De peneste jentene finner du i Budapest" hihihihhi

Crab a Pesti Est Visitors Guide (That is like a "little magazine" - for free) when you see one, there you will find lots of info about whats up.

PS! August is a good month to come to Budapest. We have Budapest Parade, One week party on the Island, Our national day (20.august) with very big firework in the city (Around 1 million go to City that day), Formula One Grand Prix +++ Normally the weather is very good in August

SIGHTSEEING and things to do with Kids.

There are 2 places I would recommend to go to for a great view of the City.

- Gellérthegy Here you get the best view towards both city parts and Donau.

- Janos Hegy Here you can take a chairlift up to the highest point in Budapest. Offers an amazing view from a tower on the top. Great place for pictures.

- Budapest Zoo. The Zoo is a nice place... It is close to Gundel if you going to eat there, as well as Heroes' Square (Hosok tere) and the City Park where you anyway should go for a look. Next to the Zoo is also the Vidampark (Tivoli), but the tivoli is not worth a visit, it is far from good.

- Lanc Hid. There are several bridges connecting Buda and Pest and Lanc Hid is a famous one. I have blogged something from there earlier. Look here


- Margit-sziget. A very popular recreational area for us.

- Campona tropicarium. I have blogged about this earlier. Look here

- Challangepark: Lots of fun. Swing from tree to tree. I have blogged about this earlier. Look here

- Szoborpark: Statue park where you can see removed communist statues. (Only one in Europe?)

- Bobozas - A little outside Budapest you can go with bob. Fun for all. I have blogged that earlier too. Look here. Next to that place there is a restaurant with a great view and where you also can join a "program" so you can swing from tree to tree down all the mountain.


- Aquarena - A big water park outside Budapest. Great fun and when you look over the valley you look straight to Hungaroring where you can see F1 Racing etc. I have blogged about that place earlier. Look

- New December 5. 2008: Central Europe Biggest Waterpark - check it out

Right Now I am to tired to write more ...so this will do for now...I will update it every now and then when things comes to my mind :-)

Enjoy Budapest.


PS! If you are going to Budapest from Norway. Go with Norwegian.


They have low prices and no stop over. The flight takes about 2 H and 15 mins (OsloRygge)


Wizzair is a good alternative to Norwegian. (Sept 2008)
They have 1 or 2 planes going every week from Torp (Sandefjord) (Sweden - also from Stockholm) Right now their prices are VERY low

Do NOT change money at the airport as they trade you lower than most other places. Then it is better to take out money from the ATM in the airport hall.
If you gonna take a taxi from the airport use Zonataxi. Ask for the price BEFORE you sit in. The price is from 17 euro to max 27 euro depending where you are going in Budapest. Check the pricelist HERE


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Huha Babam! Na ezzel jo sokat dolgoztal! Nagyon jo lett. Ezert csillagos otost kapsz :-) Jo lenne beszelni a hetvegen! Keressuk egymast. Puszmusz.

30.08.2008 | 07:58
Postet av: Espen

Great about Budapest! I will make a trip to Budapest next summer. Maybe you can show me around?

30.08.2008 | 16:46
Postet av: Victoria Desirée

Hello! Thank you so much, that was so nice of you!! This helps a lot :) I get more excited about going there now! Budapest looks beautiful! hugs

02.09.2008 | 00:39
URL: http://victoriadesiree.com
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Koszonom Evi baba! Hat eltartott egy darabig....Varom a szeptember veget! :) Puszi a tavoli Kinaig

04.09.2008 | 23:53

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