Anett and Peter's marriage

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anettpeter hazassagkoto

In Hungary the marriage start with going to hazassagkoto terem. Can be compaired with a "borgelig vigelse"  where they sign under the marriagepapers.

eskuvo anett2

When Anett and Peter was finished at hazassagkoto terem they went to the car that is taking them to church.
When Anett is going in to the car, Peter is holding the flowers. Amazingly, taken into consideration that we are in middle of Budapest City, a big yellow butterfly (the same colors as the flowers) lands on the flowers and sit there long enough for all us to take a picture. It was so sweet!!


Man and Wife. They went into the beatiful church Terezvarosi - and came happy out as a married couple.


"I have my ring"


After church comes the party. Rozmaring next to Duna and Margit Sziget had done their best to make all feel welcome for a good celebration.


Posing for the photographer that went around all night taking pictures of the guests

anettpeter eskuvo

Cutting the cake is one of the highlights as always.

gyertya keringo

After 24.00 (time) the happy couple change clothes to red.


Wish Peter and Anett all the best for the future

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Congratulation from me

05.08.2008 | 22:32

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