Action Saturday

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We had a very nice day on Saturday with lots of fun.
Here are Adrian, Sarah and Frode looking at the Crocodilles at Campona Acvarium


Sarah and me takes a closer look at one really big turtle. A friendly guy this one :)


We saw all kinds of fishes - from clownfishes to big sharks. We was in a watertunnel where the fishes were swimming above and all around us. Was really cool.


Later in the day we went to a placed called Challengeland where we all could play Tarzan and do many challenges where we had to go from tree to tree. Of course with all security taken. We had a very good time and even though we was there for hours we only managed to do finish 2 tracks. We had so much fun so we will go back one more time next week so we can do more tracks.


Sarah in one of the worst challenges, we all felt this one was hard. Mostly because the moving space was so little


Adrian in action. The best stuff was when we could glide from tree to tree.

kalandpark jun

"Jane"  in Action :)  The track was not so hard in the beginning, the level of challenge raised as we went  ahead.


On the way home we had to pick up a cake I have ordered.  The place called Sugar had a so cool toilet so we just had to take some pictures.


Sugar Toilet, twice as good hihihi

me b

In the night I went for a birthday - Here I give the cake. My plan was to give a Louis Vuitton Cake, but no one wanted to make one. Something about copyright.. lol.. so I had to order one similar without the logo :)

m b

Happy Birthday - Melinda

Postet av: Miss Evi

Szia Babam!Jok a kepek nagyon, kivancsi vagyok milyen volt a fotozas :-) Jo lenne majd valamikor mar skype-on beszelni, mi itt nagyon porgunk mindennap orakat gyalogolok, estere mar ugy faj a labam, hogy csak santikalni tudok :-) Nem is voltam a gep elott szegeny fluffy allatkam is ehen hal nemsokara...A tesom is itt van mar, nagyon tetszik neki minden, ma megyunk egyutt nezelodni. Szoval keressuk madj egymast, gondolom ti is porogtok a gyerekekkel! De valamikor majd jo lenne dumalni, sajna az idoeltolodas miatt kicsit nehez lesz egyeztetni, en mar 11 korul alszom ami azt jelenti, hogy otthon meg csak delutan 5 ora majd megdumaljuk.Puszi ezerrel!

30.06.2008 | 05:08
Postet av: Kata Wagner Berg

Szia Evibaba!Ma voltunk gyerekekkel Wasabiba...gondoltam lett volna ott vagy te is :) Most pakolok, holnap megyunk net ott hazajottem hozzuk ossze azt a skyp csacsogast ;) Orulok,hogy jol vagytok,remelem en is megtudlak latogatni iden :)Millllllllio csok

06.07.2008 | 00:08

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