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This is a cool pokersite that Frode is working with. They have a Beta version now (not that good yet hihihi) but you can win lots of free cash there now in December. From jan 1 they will open with a 100% great pokersite with the best prizes in the world.

Please JOIN now - and try to beat me. My screenname is KWBerg

See you at the table :-)

Postet av:

I have created an account and downloaded now.. But when I try to go to "My account" on the website, nothing happens. Is the website not done yet? Where am I going to register bank account nr and credit card nr etc??

17.12.2007 | 13:37
Postet av:

Now in December you dont need to register anything. Just download the Software. Cashgames and etc will come from Jan 1 - now in December there is only freerolls and fun

17.12.2007 | 13:39
Postet av:

Ok. Have you won?

17.12.2007 | 22:11
Postet av:

So far i have won almost 600 Euro :-))

17.12.2007 | 22:46
Postet av:

wow!! That's good!! In Freerolls? Do you have to be nr1 in the freeroll to win, or do you just have to be in the top 3 or top 10 or something? Thank you for answering:)

17.12.2007 | 23:30
Postet av:

No, when you play you win money on the freeroll all the way down to place 30.Remember there is 200 Euro in the pool every 30 mins + 2500 Euro for sharing every night at 21.00 GMT+1This company will have freerolls every day in 2008 too (but with less money in the pool - > but still free :-))

18.12.2007 | 01:41
Postet av:

What screen name did you use?

18.12.2007 | 01:42
Postet av:

I use VM as screen name!:) I will try more freerolls today! When I tried yesterday, the poker client woulden't load, so I was unable to play. But it looks like a great site!When you win in freerolls, can you use the money to play at other games/send them to your bank account?

18.12.2007 | 10:49
Postet av:

When you win you can take them out. But not before the official opening Jan 1.if there are some problems with client, just have it open until it start. every menu is often slow, but as i said, that will go away soon when they open the real thing

18.12.2007 | 11:52
Postet av:

Ok. I have read about T6 poker online now, and a lot of websites are saying it's a scam! That you won't be able to get your money out, and that it's not even real money you win, but play money! Do you know anything about that?

18.12.2007 | 11:55
Postet av:

LOL, that is just a lot of crap. We will have out all our money Jan 1. They will have all paysolutions like Visa,Mastercard,Click2Pay,Epassporte,Neteller,Moneybookers,etc.I dont think that any company buy a new Software for 4 million euro just to give out playmoney. This is not clever business or what do you thinkl?

18.12.2007 | 13:05
Postet av:


Just had to ask if you knew anything about it:)

18.12.2007 | 13:59
Postet av:

:-) Yes, i have seen! But you will not go wrong with trusting me in this case.If you use - as a link and send to friends - you will earn 5% of all what your friends rake in all future.

18.12.2007 | 14:07
Postet av:

Ok, thanks for the tip:) I will do that! Good luck to you in your poker endeavours!:)

18.12.2007 | 16:20
Postet av:

Now it is official - T6Poker close down the software they have now and reopens latest jan 1 with new software from this company -

18.12.2007 | 18:24
Postet av:

So we won't be able to play again until jan 1?

18.12.2007 | 23:07
Postet av:

It looks like that - will be many freerolls again so more free money to win :-)

19.12.2007 | 04:33

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