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Postet av: En

You look good Dragam. Did you enjoy the food?

07.12.2007 | 17:36
Postet av:

Wow I think you got a perfect housband, he take you to beautiful places, you eat very nice meals, having allot of luxery stuff, he treat you like every man should treat their lady;) I'm sure you're very safe that he's going to be a good father aswell;) What is he working as?Ps! Good luck with your pregnancy:)

07.12.2007 | 21:17
Postet av: Bridget

Ezt a

fotot se latom


09.12.2007 | 04:41
Postet av: K W B

Yes, my love! The food was great, i wish we had good sea food in Hungary like in Skandinavia!If You wasread it another people also see that You are a great husband!!! I love You sooooo mutch!!!Chek out this than you know what Frdoe is working with:http://25euro.t6poker.com

10.12.2007 | 11:05
Postet av:

Well, I'm not a housband, I'm a girl who has big troubles with the father of my son, he only makes troubles for me, it's sad `cause he was my biggest love..and now it's all crazy..I'm just very happy to see that there are still other guys out there who knows a woman's worth, like your Frode I'm so happy for you `cause it's hard to find guys like that, and it's so good too see that he takes good care of you, he must love you very much:)

I visit your blog sometimes`cause it facinates me, it's almost like when I was a kid watching barbie movies hehe:D, fantasyworld, dreaming away:)

11.12.2007 | 01:11
Postet av:

Oh, NOW I understand, you meant if your housband was reading it, ahaaa, hehe eyes crosses at this time of day/night:)

11.12.2007 | 01:18

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