Happy Birthday Svend! We had a great time in the weekend! Thx for everything!!!

Skrevet av Kata Wagner-Be®g


Svend R. (Here with his beautiful woman Sonja) had a  birthday party in Germany this weekend.
It was party from Friday to Sunday in Al Capone style. It had everything from bowling, outside party, dansshow, luksuslimo, stripping, disco and go-cart driving. Looking forward to next year already!!

Postet av: Sonja

Hej Kata!

I have just seen the picture from us! Thank you so much for the weekend! I hope i will see you soon again! I´m sorry that i did not say goodbye, but i was so tired...

I hope you are not angry?!

12.09.2007 | 13:53
Postet av: Kata

Hei Sonja!

I hope you visit us with Svend in Hungary soon!!

I am not angry at all, i was tired too....i just lied down in the car and slept all the way til Norway...hihi

12.09.2007 | 20:46
Postet av: Svend

Thanks from me too. And next time we will have 4 policecars to stop all traffic for us.

Hihi, than we feel like real stars.

We will come soon to visit you.

12.09.2007 | 23:23
Postet av: Kata W

That could be cool Svend! ;)

14.09.2007 | 10:21

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